5 Great Cherry Blossom Viewing Spots in Kyushu, Japan

One of the best characteristics of Japan is the abundance of cherry blossom that bloom every year and Kyushu, Japan, is one of the cities with a lot of cherry blossoms to see. This is why Kyushu is a great tourist city and often receives tourists from all over the world. While you can view cherry blossoms in several parts of Kyushu, some spots or locations have more than others.

If cherry blossom viewing is an important part of your reasons for visiting Kyushu, here are 5 great locations to see the trees in large numbers. You will be amazed at their volumes and beauty.

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Yoshino Park in Kagoshima

cherry blossom season in Japan

This park is located at the northern part of Kagoshima. You need to visit this park with your camera as virtually all the scenes there are worthy of snapshots. This park offers numerous views that are good enough for wallpapers and desktop backgrounds. The park features several hundreds of Sakura trees with a lot of colorful flower gardens.

If you have not visited the park in the spring, you have not really visited Yoshino Park. It is an epitome of nature’s beauty. The beautiful flowers collectively give an amazing fragrance and they are also visually stunning. You will blame yourself if you go to the park without a camera. The park has several spaces and corners to take a walk. Imagine you and your spouse, taking a walk in the park, holding each other’s hands and whispering into each other’s ears.

This is why some tourists say Yoshino Park offers a rare blend of beauty and romantic atmosphere. As an icing on the cake, there is a beautiful mountain called Mount Sakurajima at the backdrop. Most importantly, the beautiful display of cherry blossoms is another chapter of beauty on its own. The blossoms will spread out like they just dropped from heaven. In fact, the whole park looks like something that was just conjured into existence by some Arabian Genie.

However, it can sometimes become a little crowded when all the Sakura trees in the park attain full bloom. This is because a lot of tourists storm the park during that particular period. Well, if you are the type that loves crowd, then it will mean more fun for you The more the merrier. The park will give you a long lasting memory. So, you need to take a lot of photographs with other visitors as most tourists do.

Kumamoto Castle

Kumamoto Castle

Japan has numerous castles and many of them are in Kyushu. In fact, Japan is known for having castles and that is why most tourists usually expect to see many of them. Some of the best castles in Japan are Nagoya Castle, Himeji Castle, and of course, Kumamoto Castle. While virtually all the castles in Japan are beautiful, having cherry blossoms around Kumamoto Castle makes it even more breath-taking than others. Kumamoto can easily pass as paradise on earth with its stunning visual appeal.

The castle has almost 800 cherry trees planted in and around it You need to see how the blossoms cover the grounds surrounding the castle when they are in full bloom. Having an aerial view of the castle in a chopper makes it look like a beautiful brightly-colored carpet has been laid around Kumamoto Castle.

Did you just say it sounds like a great environment for festivals and carnivals? You are damn right! The Sakura festival takes place from the later part of March to the earlier part of April. You don’t want to miss the festival for anything.

The castle will be very crowded and lively all through the days of the festival. There are awesome stony walls too and most importantly, you need to bear in mind that the trees are lit up in the evening. So, if you think Kumamoto Castle is amazingly beautiful in the morning and afternoon, wait until you see what it looks like in the evening.

Suizenji Garden in Kumamoto

This photo of Suizenji Jojuen Garden is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Do you love gardens? This garden is likely to be one of the most beautiful gardens that you have ever seen. It is no longer news that Suizenji Garden dazzles and mesmerizes tourists. In fact, it holds them spellbound for hours. This is why it is usually called a magical garden. It is a garden where nature’s beauty meets man’s creativity. It is a great Japanese style landscape garden that you should see.

It is also one of the oldest structures in Japan as its construction began in 1632. The garden offers a rare balance between beauty and tranquility. Most importantly, it has hundreds of cherry trees scattered all over it. This is why it looks completely different in full bloom of the blossoms. The garden is literarily magical.

Tateyama Park in Nagasaki While

This photo of Tateyama Park is courtesy of TripAdvisor

This park is not as beautiful as other attractions outlined above, it offers a large amount of cherry trees. There are slightly more than 700 cherry trees planted all over the park. If you have to go in the morning, make sure you go there with your meal as you will not see any food vendor in the morning. However, a lot of them will arrive before noon.

Apart from cherry blossoms, this park is known for offering a wide variety of Japanese and international dishes in addition to exotic and local drinks. You and your family can have a picnic under any of the beautiful Sakura trees.

Sakura no Sato in Nagasaki

Sakura no Sato
Sakura no Sato (CC2.0 photo by Izu navi)

This spot is one of the most beautiful cherry blossom spots in Nagasaki and in Japan as a whole. This is not an exaggeration as you will be tired of taking photographs there. Every scene in Sakura no Sato is worthy of snapshots. Despite being a little far from downtown Nagasaki, people still shun other parks and visit this location because of its mesmerizing beauty.

Instead of hundreds of trees, this park offers thousands of cherry trees. Do you have any idea how it will look like when the cherry blossoms hit full bloom? Words can simply not describe it. In addition to the cherry trees, there are tennis courts and children’s playgrounds in the park. So it offers a mixture of sightseeing and fun activities.

You may want to showcase the “Serena Williams” in you on any of their tennis courts. You shouldn’t be surprised to find out that this park receives visitors all through the year.


There are many other cherry blossoms viewing spots in Kyushu apart from the ones outlined above, but you should begin your cherry blossom viewing from these ones before exploring other cherry blossom spots. You don’t be disappointed.

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Great places to see the cherry blossoms in Japan
Great places to see the cherry blossoms in Japan



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5 Great Cherry Blossom Viewing Spots in Kyushu, Japan

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