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Laura & Nick have been traveling around the world together since they met in 2009 in Seattle, Washington. It was Laura’s passion for travel and writing that led her to start Savored Journeys in 2014, to share their travel experiences and knowledge from having traveled to over 70 countries.

Laura started her career as a journalist writing for newspapers and magazines, then wrote travel guides for America Online before moving to the U.S. State Department to build Embassy websites. All of this experience has given her the ability to create a useful website packed with thorough information and great recommendations. 

Nick is the technical brains of the operation. He has a master’s degree in Software Development and worked for Amazon for 15 years. He keeps Savored Journeys in tip top shape and takes most of the drool-worthy food photos you see on the site.

We want this to be a place where we can share our passion for traveling, food and wine with others. We’ve worked tirelessly to make sure we provide only the best content, recommendations and travel suggestions, so your trip is as incredible as it can be.We pride ourselves on our professionalism.

We’re not your typical travel blogging couple who spend all their time on the road.

We treat travel as a job and we spend hours compiling research, talking to business owners and generally sussing out all the good stuff to share with you.

We are wine professionals, with Level 2 certification in Wine & Spirits from the Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET). And we own eight other successful websites: Savored Sips, A Food Lover’s Kitchen, Delightfully Low Carb, A Pressure Cooker Kitchen, Air Fry Anytime, Go Travel California, Legends of the Grill, and That Cuddly Cat.

We hope that through our travel experiences, you will find inspiration for your own journeys and make travel a priority in your life.

Our Travels

We’ve been traveling together since 2009 and have been to over 70 countries between us. Traveling is more than a vacation for us. Our passion and insatiable desire to travel grows every time we discover a new destination, meet wonderful people, and taste incredible foods that are new to us.

Some of our favorite trips were to places we knew nothing about, like Cappadocia, TurkeyLogrono, Spain, and Dubai – cities we now love and can’t wait to go back to.

Our love of food and wine has led us to amazing (and super tasty!) destination like Bologna, Italy, where we ate our weight in Parmigiano cheese, and Dotonburi in Osaka Japan, where we discovered Okonomiyaki, and Thailand, where we learned how to make our favorite dishes at home.

One of our favorite things to do on any trip is learn local food traditions, taste local products we may have never seen before, and learn to cook international foods that we can remake in our own kitchen.

We also do a lot of wine tourism around the world. It’s a growing sector of tourism and is becoming easier to do, even in more remote wine regions.

We’ve been to a number of fantastic wine regions like La Rioja in Spain, Stellenbosch in South Africa, Sonoma Valley in California, and even Moldova and Georgia. We hope to make it to many more in the coming years. It’s not hard to understand why we love to travel for wine, when you see some of the immensely beautiful vineyards we’ve seen.


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We hope that through our travel experiences, you will find inspiration for your own journeys and make travel a priority in your life. We are always happy to help other travelers plan their journeys, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with your questions or inquiries.We love to hear from readers, so please contact us with any questions or comments you may have about Savored Journeys or an upcoming trip you need help with. If we’ve been there, we’re happy to help out! You can fill out the contact form or just send an email to info(at)SavoredJourneys(dot)com.

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Your article was exactly what i was looking for in finding a travel bag. Thank you for saving me from hours of comparison shopping and saving the sanity of my hubby while I shopped.

-- Jean from Texas

I want to thank you for this forum of information. I took it with me to my wonderful 2-day stay in Logrono, Spain, and followed all of your recommendations.

-- Heather from Virginia

I came across your website after doing much of my own research. It was amazing! We had a wonderful stay because of your site so my husband and I would like to thank you.

-- Nicole from USA