“There’s no substitute for seeing the world firsthand!”


As it turns out, the travel bug is a lifelong ailment — one that fills your life with numerous memories, opens your eyes to the world around you in ways you couldn’t have imagined, and enriches your life beyond comparison. We’ve been to so many incredible places and done some pretty cool things. Now we’ve even added living abroad to our list – we’ve just moved to London!

When we started Savored Journeys in 2014, I’m not sure we knew how incredible it would be, and how all encompassing the blog would become. We enjoy working together on it. Laura does most of the writing and planning, while Nick does all the technical things, like development and coding and takes a lot of the beautiful food photos on display for you to drool over!

Come along with us and we’ll lead you to the best affordable luxury experiences, with a focus on where to find good food and wine around the world, since those are the most important things on any travel list!

We hope that through our experiences, you will find inspiration for your own journeys and make travel a priority in your life.

Our Travels

We’ve been traveling together since 2010 and have been to over 52 countries between us. Traveling is more than a vacation for us. It’s a passion and a strong desire that push us to find new destinations to discover that we didn’t know anything about, like Cappadocia, Turkey, and Logrono, Spain – two cities that we now love!

We know how lucky we are to be able to travel like we do, and see the things we see, so we’re very excited that we are able to share that with our readers.

Our love of food and wine have also led us to amazing (and super tasty!) destination like Bologna, Italy, where we ate our weight in Parmigiano cheese, and Dotonburi in Osaka Japan, where the streets are alive with food and excitement.

One of our favorite things to do on any trip is to discover the local food traditions, taste local products we may have never seen before, and learn to cook new dishes that we can take home with us and enjoy in our own kitchen.

We also do a lot of wine tourism around the world. It’s a growing sector of tourism and is becoming easier to do, even in more remote wine regions.

We’ve been to a number of fantastic wine regions like La Rioja in Spain, Stellenbosch in South Africa and of course, or beloved Sonoma Valley in California. We hope to make it to many more in the coming years.It’s not hard to understand why we love to travel for wine, when you see some of the immensely beautiful vineyards we’ve seen.

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