Arrive Hungry! Canada’s Best Food Festivals

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Canada is famous for many things – gorgeous scenery, friendly people, and a healthy hockey obsession – but not necessarily for its cuisine. In fact, if you think of Canadian food, you probably think of poutine. If so, it’s time to realize that Canadian cuisine is so much more than gravy and cheese curds over French fries. On that note, when planning for your next Canadian holiday, consider arranging it around some of Canada’s Best Food Festivals. You will love these delicious events.

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Taste of the Danforth

Inspired by the U.S.’s Taste of Chicago, Canada’s Taste of the Danforth is held every year on the second weekend of August for three days in Toronto, Ontario.  As the country’s largest street festival, this event celebrates all foods Greek, stretching for over three kilometers on Danforth Avenue. At “The Taste,” expect to gorge yourself on gyros, souvlaki, spanakopita, and wine. They’ll have to roll you out of there by the time you leave.

Eat! Vancouver

Vancouver, British Columbia is a fantastically diverse city for a culinary journey every day of the week, but to have a festival dedicated to bringing all of that delicious food into one place is just magical. This newer festival is already gaining publicity traction by attracting the world’s most famous chefs, cookbook authors, and food companies.

Le Festival du Voyageur

Held every February in Winnipeg, this festival is about as stereotypically Canadian as you can get – think beard growing contests, whisky, and maple syrup taffy. Known by many as the world’s largest kitchen shindig, this event is about celebrating the Canadian fur trader through traditional French-Canadian cuisine.

Prince Edward Island Fall Flavors Festival

Over the course of a month from September to October, this culinary marathon is an umbrella for many smaller festivals, such as the International Shellfish Festival, the Beef N’ Blues, and the Lobster Party on the Beach (is your mouth watering yet?). Events around the island range from cooking classes and tasting tours to celebrity chefs doing what they do best.

Canada’s Largest Ribfest

Every September in Burlington, Ontario this Labor Day weekend event draws hundreds of thousands of rib-lovers together for a good cause – to raise money for charity. Organized by the Burlington Lakeshore Rotary Club, proceeds from the festival go to Burlington’s local businesses, organizations, and hospitals. Expect stiff competition between grill masters trying to win over your taste buds (it’s a buyer’s market!) with 150,000 pounds of ribs being consumed in one weekend.

Devour! The Food Film Fest

Held on the first weekend of November in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, this unique festival combines cuisine and cinema. Attend film screenings, cooking workshops, discussion panels, and collaborative dinners hosted by Canada’s top chefs as well as guest chefs from around the world.

Rocky Mountain Wine and Food Festival

Held in two locations (mid-October in Calgary, Alberta and the beginning of November in Edmonton, Alberta), this event combines wine, liquor, and food pairings for two whole days. Tour the world through tastings of international wines (around the world in 80 sips, anyone?) and fill yourself with delicious dishes contributed by local restaurants. Here’s a tip: take a cab home from this one, trust us. For more tips on how you can survive and thrive at your next food festival, check out this piece on how to get the most out of it.

As you’ll probably have guessed, arriving hungry in Canada is the best way of ensuring that you get to enjoy all of the gastronomical delights that the country has to offer.

What are your favorite food events in Canada?

Arrive Hungry! Canada’s Best Food Festivals

15 thoughts on “Arrive Hungry! Canada’s Best Food Festivals

  1. Michael Huxley says:

    Okay, I’ll be honest I have never really thought about Canada as a foodie destination at all. In fact before reading this I honestly couldn’t have named a Canadian dish! I’d love to check out one of these festivals and have my mind changed though.

    • Laura Lynch says:

      That’s true, it’s hard to name a specific dish from Canada (except Poutine), but there are a lot of innovative chefs and new cuisine that’s worth checking out.

  2. Aileen Adalid says:

    My family have just moved to Canada and they have told me how it can become a foodie haven over there. So I can’t wait to get there and visit them soon — more so after reading your post here. I’ll take note of them!

  3. Carly says:

    Taste of Edmonton is usually pretty good. I always ended up missing Rocky Mountain Wine and Food Fest because of my work shifts 🙁

    • Laura Lynch says:

      Canadian food varies greatly from the west to the east coast and in between. That’s probably why we often feel that way about it. It is sort of a hybrid cuisine, but there are so many great chefs now.

  4. Prianka | Map Halves says:

    These festivals all sounds great – I will definitely keep them in mind for the next time I’m in Canada. That Ribfest is actually pretty mobile, we get it in Ottawa too and some of my friends have seen it out East as well.

  5. Tara & Vic says:

    Yum! So many options! When we think about Canada, food isn’t usually what comes first to mind – except maybe maple syrup 🙂
    This post sure makes us want to go there even more. Thanks for sharing!

    Tara & Vic

    • Laura Lynch says:

      I hear ya, Tara. We never really think of food in Canada either, but that’s so misguided. There’s amazing food in Canada. All of the major metro areas have incredible food scenes. Definitely worth a try!

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