Aviator Jeans: the Best Travel Jeans for Men & Women

Aviator Jeans - travel jeans
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I’ve always had a hard time finding jeans that are comfortable, flexible, and fit well all at the same time. It’s no small feat. That’s why I usually don’t pack jeans when I travel. But all of that changed when I found what USAToday calls the “Best Travel Jeans in the World”. It’s Aviator Jeans they were talking about, and after trying them myself, I have to agree: Aviator Jeans just might be the best travel jeans.

Aviator Jeans are certainly the best travel jeans I’ve come across so far… for many reasons that I’ll tell you about below.

If you’re in the market for a new pair women’s or men’s travel jeans, read on to see all the technical reasons why we both love Aviator jeans.

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Aviator jeans

» They Are Very Comfortable and Fit Well

As I said earlier, I have a hard time finding comfortable jeans that fit well, but I didn’t have that experience with Aviator Jeans.

In fact, this is the only pair of jeans I’ve ever ordered online that I didn’t have to send back a few times to get the right fit. I used the online sizing guide to decide which pair would fit me best and ordered them. When they arrive, I had a moment of panic that I’d have to send them back, but then I put them on and I let out the breath I’d been holding. They fit really well.

The main points that make the women’s travel jeans so comfortable are:

  • They aren’t constricting.
  • They are made of a very soft to the touch material.
  • They have a good amount of stretch without losing their shape.

I’m usually worried that the stretch in jeans means they will begin to lose their nice fit over a few days of wear and end up being too baggy and lose. There’s nothing more annoying than having to pull your pants up every 15 minutes.

These jeans don’t seem to have that issue. I’ve worn them for 5 days without washing and even by day 5 they aren’t stretched out. Nick confirms he hasn’t had that issue either, though he has thrown on a belt a few times.

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aviator jeans for travel

» They Are Breathable and Lightweight

It’s been unseasonably hot around the world this year and that tends to make me hide my jeans in the back of the closet and not look at them again until fall. I haven’t put away my Aviator jeans, though. They are very comfortable to wear, even in hot weather. Nick has been wearing them to work every day, even on days that exceed 90 degrees.

This is because:

  • The material is breathable, so it doesn’t feel hot and sweaty.
  • The material is very lightweight – surprisingly so.
  • Made with a super-soft denim blend (cotton, rayon, poly, and spandex)
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» They Are Stylish

Despite having lived in Europe for almost 2 years now, neither Nick or I have really adopted the skinny (or even fitted) jeans style yet. We’ve been avoiding it, for the most part, because we’ve been unable to find good jeans that fit well and look good on.

Up until the day we received our Aviator Jeans, I think we were the only people in London still wearing relaxed fit jeans. Thank you Aviator for bringing us back into style. → Check out the other items in our stylish travel wardrobe.

Aviator currently has a few different styles of jeans.

Men’s Jeans Styles:

  • Classic in jetsetter black, dark indigo, medium dark indigo, olive green and steel grey, and khaki
  • Summer Travel Jeans in cool faded blue indigo
  • Concorde in medium dark indigo

Women’s Jeans Styles:

I have both a pair of Performance Skinny which have a mid-high waist and are contoured for a modern skinny fit, and Comfort Skinny, which are the most comfortable of the two, with an incredibly soft and lovely fabric.

Nick has a pair of the Summer Travel Jeans. They both have a classic 5-pocket style. The performance skinny jeans are obviously quite form fitting. The dark indigo color I have could easily be dressed up or down to fit the situation.

Keep in mind that these jeans only come in one length, so you’ll likely have to hem them to fit.

» They Have Hidden, Zippered Pockets

Aviator Jeans hidden pocket

Not many jeans have a hidden zippered pocket, but these do!  You wouldn’t even know the extra zipper pocket was there. It’s hidden inside another pocket.

The Summer Travel Jeans for men have two hidden zippered pockets. There’s one in the front pocket and one in the back pocket. The other jeans only have one hidden in the back.

For Nick, the pocket in the front gets a bit annoying because he has to run his hand along the zipper every time he reaches in to get his phone. The pocket in the back is much more useful. I appreciate it because I’m often putting my credit card or ID in my back pocket when I don’t  want to carry my purse, and now I know it won’t fall out without me noticing.

Speaking of pockets, the jeans also have a large 5th pocket (one in the back) that is large enough to fit your phone or device. For us, that device is a Kindle, and it fits perfectly into the back pocket. Actually, the Kindle also fits easily in the front pocket of Nick’s Summer Travel Jeans, too.

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Final Thoughts

Aviator Jeans definitely get my vote for best travel jeans. If you’re looking for a really great pair of travel jeans, you can’t go wrong with these.  The soft material, great fit, and extra pockets make them a no brainer for travelers.

You can check out the entire line of Aviator Jeans for men and for women in their online store. They offer free shipping and free exchanges so you can return them to find the right fit.

Believe me, you’ll like the jeans so much, you’ll wish you’d bought a couple of pairs.  Why not just get all your shopping done at once.

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Aviator Jeans for men & women - the best travel jeans in the world
Aviator Jeans for men & women – the best travel jeans in the world

(Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. We were sent these jeans for review. All opinions and conclusions we’ve shared here are entirely our own.)

Aviator Jeans: the Best Travel Jeans for Men & Women

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    This blog is very Awesome and mind-blowing. Thanks a lot of you for giving us suitable information for your awesome post.

    • Laura Lynch says:

      Anne, I think they fit comfortably the first time you put them on. The best thing about these jeans is that they’re exceptionally comfortable and don’t stretch out much over time.

  2. Ed says:

    Arrived with a rip in the pocket; replacement pair had a rip in the exact same place! Front pocket zipper has potential to scratch smart phone screen. Lasted six months of light office use before ripping in the crotch. Aviator deleted my review on their website.

    • Laura Lynch says:

      I’m sorry to hear that, Ed. It must have been a flawed batch. I have four pairs of Aviator Jeans that I’ve had for years and never had that problem.

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