7 Great Barcelona Tapas Tours Not to Miss

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Barcelona is famous for its delicious tapas, and there is no better way to discover the city’s culinary delights than by taking a tapas tour. No matter how many times we’ve been back there, we NEVER miss an opportunity to go on a tapas tour.

I suppose that’s a good thing because it gives us the unique perspective to share our 7 favorite Barcelona tapas tours so you don’t have to blindly choose one from a list. Use our knowledge to make your travel planning easier!

Barcelona tapas tours
Barcelona tapas bar (photo by Savored Journeys)

Whether you want to explore the historic Gothic Quarter or the trendy El Born neighborhood, there is a tour that will take you there. You’ll also have the opportunity to taste a variety of wines and other drinks that pair perfectly with the tapas. So, get ready to indulge in some of the best food and drink that Barcelona has to offer on one of these fantastic tapas tours.

We’ve given a link to book these tours on Viator in the listing below. These are our affiliate links, so we will earn a commission if you book through those links. Viator is our #1 choice for tour bookings. We’ve probably booked over 100 experiences through them and it’s always a good experience. That’s why we recommend them.

Understanding Tapas Culture in Barcelona

If you’re planning a trip to Barcelona, you can’t miss out on the tapas culture. Tapas are small plates of food that are served as an appetizer or snack. They’re a staple of Spanish cuisine and are an essential part of the food culture in Barcelona.

It would be a big mistake to go to Barcelona and not indulge in the tapas culture. Embrace the different eating habits they have over what you’re used to and you’ll have a priceless experience. I see a lot of people going to Spain and trying to eat like they do at home. I implore you not to do that! Yes, you’re going to eat dinner late, but that’s what tapas are for!

Montaditos (Small tapas with bread)
(photo by Savored Journeys)

The history of tapas is fascinating. It’s said that tapas were originally created to cover drinks to keep the flies away. The word “tapas” comes from the Spanish word “tapar,” which means “to cover.” Over time, tapas evolved into small plates of food that were served with drinks. Today, tapas are enjoyed all over Spain and are a popular way to socialize with friends and family, and to hold you over to dinner, which is often taken quite late (9pm or later).

When you go on a tapas tour in Barcelona, you’ll get to experience the city’s food culture like a local. You’ll visit some of the best tapas bars in the city and try a variety of dishes. Your guide will also give you insight into the history and culture of tapas in Barcelona.

In Barcelona, tapas are an essential part of the local food culture. You’ll find tapas bars all over the city, each with their own unique spin on the traditional dish. Some of the most popular tapas in Barcelona include patatas bravas (fried potatoes with a spicy sauce), croquetas (small fried balls filled with ham or cheese), and pan con tomate (bread with tomato and olive oil).

7 Barcelona Tapas Tours We Loved

1. Devour Barcelona Tapas, Taverns & Gothic Quarter History Tour

barcelona tapas
Tapas in Barcelona

You can’t go wrong with any of the tours offered by Devour Barcelona. We’ve been on three of their tours and each one has been fantastic. However, their Tapas, Taverns, and History tour is one of the best.

This tour is perfect for getting a bit of history at the same time as you’re noshing on great tapas. You’ll visit some of the oldest taverns in Barcelona and learn about the city’s history while enjoying delicious tapas. The tour is led by a local guide who will share insider knowledge about the city’s food and culture.


  • Duration: 3:30
  • Visit three tapas bars with 10+ tastes and 5 drinks
  • Small group tour limited to 10 people
  • 650 positive reviews
  • Tour times vary depending on time of year (10:45am, 4:30pm, 5:30pm, 6:30pm)

2.Tastes and Traditions: Barcelona Food Tour with Market Visit

La Boqueria

This is another tour offered by Devour Barcelona. This food tour covering the city’s El Born and Barceloneta areas. Shop like a resident for cured meats and cheeses during a visit to the bustling Santa Caterina Market, enjoy tastings at more than a dozen authentic Catalan establishments, and dig into a home-cooked lunch of ‘Paella’ prepared at one of Barcelona’s oldest restaurants.


  • Duration: 3:30
  • Visit a food market with 15+ tastes
  • Paella lunch at one of Barcelona’s oldest restaurants
  • Small group tour limited to 12 people
  • 284 positive reviews
  • Tour times vary depending on time of year (10am, 11am)

3. Barcelona Food & Wine Small Group Tour with a Sommelier

Devour Barcelona food and wine tour
Devour Barcelona food and wine tour

This tour is perfect for wine lovers who want to learn as much about the wine as the food. You’ll be led by a trained sommelier who will guide you through the countless flavors of wine and cava, perfectly paired with delicious tapas, regional tastings, and fusion delicacies.

Start out the tour in the small neighborhood of Poble Sec, then discover the Sant Antoni Market and the neighborhood of Sant Antoni. You’ll visit multiple wine establishments to try whites, reds, and cavas paired with pinchos (tapas in Northern Spain).


  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Visit a food market and several wine bars
  • Small group tour limited to 6 people
  • 246 positive reviews
  • Tour times vary depending on time of year (1pm, 5pm)

4. Barcelona Gourmet Tapas Walking Tour

The only truly spicy patatas bravas in Barcelona
The only truly spicy patatas bravas in Barcelona

Tuck into tasty tapas and traditional wines on this gastronomic tour of the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona. Get the inside scoop on Barcelona’s renowned foodie scene from a local guide and stop along the way to dine at the city’s best tapas bars.

At each restaurant, sample an array of delicious Catalan cuisine, taste local specialties like Iberian ham, or ‘pan con tomate’ (spicy potatoes, bread, and tomato), and choose from a selection of fine regional wines. You can choose between an afternoon or evening tour and upgrade to include a flamenco show.


  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Visit three different tapas bars with 5 Spanish wines
  • Small group tour limited to 10 people
  • 2,175 positive reviews
  • Tour times vary depending on time of year (11am or 6pm)

5. Paella Barcelona: Market Visit, Tapas, Sangria and Paella Class

La Boqueria
La Boqueria

Go beyond enjoying an authentic Spanish meal with this chef-led foodie experience—from market to plate. First, you’ll head to the famous La Boqueria market, scoping out fresh ingredients. Shopping complete, you’ll head to the classroom for tapas and sangria before fastening your apron and trying your hand at paella. Once everything’s plated, sit down to your creation with your fellow chefs, toasting to your best meal in Barcelona.


  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Visit to the market plus expert-led paella class
  • Small group tour limited to 12 people
  • 594 positive reviews
  • Tour times vary depending on time of year (1pm, 5pm, or 6pm)

6. Barcelona Walking Food Tour With Secret Food Tours

Toasts with toppings

Taste your way around Barcelona on this tapas food tour. Travel in a small group, which means better access to your guide. Save time researching where to find good eateries by having a guide to show your favorite local haunts.

Try local products that may include Iberian ham, paella, cheese, churros, and even local wine. Don’t worry about translating menus or navigating, making it the ultimate carefree and fun foodie experience. At the end, you’ll enjoy a delicious Secret Dish, that will be revealed only on the day of the tour.


  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Visit three different tapas bars and learn some history along the way
  • Small group tour limited to 10 people (Private tours are also an option)
  • 622 positive reviews
  • Tour times vary depending on time of year (10:30am, 11am)

7. Barcelona Tipsy Tapas Guided Food Tour with Dinner

Our tour guide, Fenton, sharing some of his vast wine knowledge with the group
Our tour guide sharing some of his vast wine knowledge with the group

This tour is a culinary adventure in Barcelona’s El Born and Gothic Quarter neighborhoods, where you’ll discover the irresistible flavors of traditional and modern tapas, expertly paired with a variety of drinks, including wine, beer, cava, and shots.

But this isn’t just a food tour – it’s a social and immersive experience where you’ll meet other like-minded travelers and indulge in a variety of drinks. If you’re not into the shots and slightly wilder experience, this isn’t the one for you.


  • Duration: 2:30 hours
  • Visit three different tapas bars and learn some history along the way
  • Small group tour limited to 15 people
  • 180 positive reviews
  • Tour times vary depending on time of year (1pm, 5pm, or 6pm)

Delicious Tapas Dishes to Try

Spanish tortilla
Spanish tortilla (Photo by Savored Journeys)
Jamon y vino
Jamon y vino

When in Barcelona, trying the local tapas dishes is an absolute must. These small dishes are perfect for sharing and allow you to sample a variety of flavors and textures. Here are some of the best tapas dishes to try in Barcelona:

  • Patatas Bravas: This classic Spanish dish consists of crispy fried potatoes served with a spicy tomato sauce. It’s a staple in most tapas bars and is a must-try for anyone visiting Barcelona.
  • Pan con Tomate: This simple yet delicious dish consists of toasted bread rubbed with garlic and topped with grated tomato, olive oil, and salt. It’s a great snack to have with a glass of wine or as an appetizer before your main meal.
  • Croquetas: These fried nuggets are filled with a variety of fillings, such as ham, cheese, or mushrooms. They’re crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside, making them an irresistible snack.
  • Iberian Jamon: This cured meat is a delicacy in Spain and is often served as a tapa. The ham is thinly sliced and served with bread or on its own. It’s a must-try for meat lovers.
  • Bomba: This is a popular tapa in Barcelona, consisting of a fried potato ball filled with meat and topped with aioli and spicy sauce. It’s a flavorful and filling dish that’s perfect for sharing.
  • Pintxos: These small skewers are a specialty in the Basque region of Spain but can also be found in Barcelona. They consist of various toppings, such as cheese, meat, or fish, skewered on a piece of bread. They’re a great snack to have with a beer or glass of wine.

Whether you’re looking for a snack or a main meal, these tapas dishes are sure to satisfy your taste buds. Don’t be afraid to try something new and step out of your comfort zone – you might just discover a new favorite dish!

Pairing Tapas with Local Drinks

Tio Agus sandwich from Bar Lorenzo
Spanish tapas and wine (photo by Savored Journeys)

When in Barcelona, it’s not just about the food, but also about the drinks that go along with it. The city is known for its wine, cava, and sangria, but there are also other local drinks that are perfect for pairing with tapas.

One of the most authentic drinks to try is the local cider, which is usually served in a traditional porron, a glass pitcher with a long spout. The cider is poured from a height into your glass, which is said to enhance the flavor and aroma. It pairs well with meat and cheese tapas.

If you’re a beer lover, you can try the local Estrella Damm beer, which is a refreshing drink that goes well with fried and seafood tapas. Another option is to try the craft beer scene in Barcelona, which has been growing in recent years.

For wine lovers, there are plenty of options to choose from. Spanish wines are known for their bold flavors, and you can try red, white, or rosé wines from different regions of Spain. If you’re looking for a specific type of wine, try the Catalan wines, which are produced locally and have a unique taste. You can also try cava, a sparkling wine that is similar to champagne, which is perfect for celebrating a special occasion.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of a private food tour in Barcelona?

A private food tour in Barcelona allows you to have a more personalized experience tailored to your preferences. You can choose the places you want to visit and the types of food you want to try. You will have a local guide who can provide you with insider knowledge about the city’s food culture and history. Additionally, you can avoid the crowds and lines that often come with group tours.

Where can I find the best tapas in Barcelona?

Barcelona is known for its tapas scene, and there are many great places to try them. Some popular areas for tapas include the Gothic Quarter, El Raval, and Gracia. Some recommended restaurants and bars for tapas include Bar Cañete, El Xampanyet, and Quimet & Quimet. However, the best tapas experience can be subjective, so it’s always good to ask locals for recommendations.

What is included in a Barcelona tapas and wine experience small-group walking tour?

A Barcelona tapas and wine experience small-group walking tour typically includes visits to several tapas bars and restaurants, where you will try a variety of traditional Catalan dishes and wines. The tour is led by a local guide who can provide insight into the city’s food culture and history. The exact itinerary and number of stops can vary depending on the tour operator.

Are there any free food tours in Barcelona?

Yes, there are some free food tours in Barcelona. These tours are often led by local volunteers who are passionate about sharing their knowledge of the city’s food culture. However, it’s important to note that these tours may not include as many stops or as much food as paid tours. Additionally, it’s customary to tip the guide at the end of the tour. Some recommended free food tours include The Original Free Barcelona Tapas Tour and this free self-guided food tour by Spanish Sabores.

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7 Great Barcelona Tapas Tours Not to Miss
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