Ni Hao. If you know what this phrase means, you’re either a connoisseur of the Chinese language or you simply chose to visit this spectacular country so you did your homework beforehand. However, there also might be a possibility that you’re travelling to Hong Kong, which will definitely be an amazing experience, because this place offers literally everything.

As Hong Kong is a very peculiar place, you never know what to expect there. And this goes for the food as well. Food is important everywhere we go, and if we are travelling to an unusual place that’s so much different from ours, it’s always good to know what they’re serving and offering and where to eat. So, if you’re going to see the pearls of Hong Kong, take a look at this small food guide to make your whole experience even better:

If you’re up for something authentic…

Dim Sum in Hong Kong
Dim Sum in Hong Kong

…you should definitely try their dim sum. This is one of the main reasons why millions of people visit Hong Kong in the first place. One of the most important Chinese traditions is drinking tea (also known as yum cha), and with it you can eat small bite dishes – the dim sum we’re currently talking about.

This is why you can find dim sum literally around every corner of Hong Kong, but only the ones who’ve been there a couple of times know that you have to eat this particular dish at specific restaurants – if you want a good dim sum experience, that is. Probably the best option would be Lin Heung Tea House which, according to CNN has the best atmosphere in the whole city.

If you don’t mind fighting for a table, you should definitely check it out. This restaurant was opened in the 1920’s, but nowadays is extremely popular with tourists and youngsters. However, if you cannot find a place to sit there, you can also try the Sam Yiu Hat, another great dim sum place. The atmosphere might be a bit basic, but the food they serve definitely isn’t.

If you’re up for poultry…

Eating Goose in Hong Kong
Eating Goose in Hong Kong

…then you should stop wishing for chicken, as the roast goose is a dish you simply have to try while in Hong Kong. This is a dish you won’t find anywhere else in the world, and it’s so delicious that you’ll probably wish to come back just to taste it again. This type of goose is marinated in a blend of a myriad spices (that are being kept secret as there are sometimes even twenty!), then roasted using charcoal until it’s crispy golden.

The roast goose a la Hong Kong is eaten with its skin, which makes the whole experience even better – you feel the skin melting in your mouth thus producing the most succulent taste. One of the best restaurants where you could try this dish is called Yat Lok, which serves the best roast goose according to many. It’s also a Michelin Star restaurant, which proves the quality of the food.

If you’re up for something more familiar…

Burgers in Hong Kong
Burgers in Hong Kong

…it means that you already tried the aforementioned two dishes. However, there are people who are not so much into trying out new cuisines, so they always turn back to something that’s familiar – and that’s totally OK.

Hong Kong offers a wide choice of Californian barbeque-style dishes, so you’ll definitely have something to eat. One of the best up-and-coming restaurants in Central for these types of dishes is Big Sur, where you can eat the classic American burger or all-barbeque-everything while drinking a beer at their bar. This restaurant is open daily from noon to 1 am, so it’s a perfect place for a good lunch or nice and cozy dinner.

If you’re up for dessert…

Mago Sago
Mago Sago

…Hong Kong offers all the best Chinese desserts ever. If you have a sweet tooth, you should definitely try the mango pomelo sago, a great dessert that was invented in the 1980s by the restaurant chain Lei Garden. As the name suggests, it’s made from mango, pomelo and sago (which is derived from palm trees), and all three ingredients are combined in a sweet soup that you simply have to try. This dessert can be found in almost any restaurant in Hong Kong, but if you really want the best of the best, you should go to the place of its birth – the Lei Garden.

Even though there are other things that you have to try in Hong Kong, such as seafood, good Sichuanese food, sweet and sour pork – try these four first. Not only will you be enjoying every bite of the way, you’ll probably come back for more as well!

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Try these awesome Hong Kong food experiences
Try these awesome Hong Kong food experiences



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Best Hong Kong Food Experiences

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