Do regular, day-to-day activities such as running, walking, shopping, doing chores, or pursuing various hobbies make your feet fatigued and sore? If so, then imagine the hell your feet will go through while travelling! Nobody leaves the comfort of their home country or city to spend an entire day in a hotel room. You will be rushing from landmark to landmark, tasting foods at outdoor markets, getting the pulse of the city in pubs, hoping that you will manage to experience as much things as possible during your stay.

Therefore, if you want to have the best travel experience possible, your feet will need a little care and attention. The best way to ensure this is by equipping your travel shoes with a pair of sturdy, reliable insoles. If you are not sure what to buy, we have compiled a small list of the best insoles for walking.

What Are Insoles and Why It Is a Good Idea to Have Them

Insoles (also known as footbeds, inner soles, or inserts) are the soft paddings inside the shoe that act as a separation zone between the foot the base sole of the shoe. While all shoes come with stock insoles, they are more often than not unreliable and tend to degrade rather quickly.

High-quality insoles can be purchased separately, from a shoe store, to improve comfort levels, flexibility, and your overall user experience. But their purpose and utility go beyond improving the wearer’s comfort. Insoles can:

  • make oversize shoes fit better
  • prevent the development of blisters and calluses from the repeated friction of the skin against the shoe
  • improve foot posture
  • offer adequate protection against adverse weather effects

For example, insoles are highly recommended for people who are required to spend many hours outdoors, in the cold as part of their jobs, like construction workers, lumberjacks, and so on. These insulated work boots buying tips will help you choose the best insulated work boots, even if you need them for a winter vacation, not work purposes.

Here’s what the market has to offer in terms of insoles appropriate for travelling. These are the 5 best insoles for travel that includes a lot of walking.

Powerstep Original

When it comes to maintaining your feet in a healthy state, proper arch support is just as important as comfort and adequate posture, especially when you are running from one place to another, trying to catch as many open museums as possible before closing time. This is where the Powerstep Original insoles excel. They provide both comfort and convenience with a reasonable price tag.

Despite their apparent fragility due to their thinness, they are deceptively sturdy and resistant in reality. The dual-layered padding design offers the best possible comfort, while the flexible arch ensures proper heel cradling and great shock absorption. If you are about to embark on a long travelling session, these insoles are one of the best options out there.

Protech Support

Another excellent option are the insoles produced by Protech. Like the product listed in the previous entry, Protech insoles feature a dual-layered padding design with great shock absorption capabilities. The cushioning provides comfort to the wearer whether they decide to go on a stroll in the city’s old town, taking a jog by the beach, or standing in line at a restaurant. Although they might be a tad pricey and thick, the contoured arches as well as the robust design make them a worthy investment.

HappyStep Cushioned

If you are looking for something effective, yet simple and affordable that will make travelling more bearable to your feet, consider trying these insoles from HappyStep. The HappyStep Cushioned is an economical way to reduce as well as to prevent foot fatigue and pain without dropping tens of dollars on a pair of insoles. They feature a smart design that encourages proper airflow, high-quality memory foam that will take the shape of your feet, and a slim-down design for easy setup.

Spenco Rx

Contributing to the list of the best insoles for travelling are these sturdy inserts produced by Spenco. Their low profile, as well as slim structure, allow wearers to move across any surfaces with absolute comfort and ease and without adding pressure to the heel and plantar. The flattened cushioned provides balance as well as confidence, two things that you will surely need during your travels.

Timberland Pro

We couldn’t write an article about insoles without mentioning Timberland Pro insoles. Well-regarded for their high-quality shoes, these insoles do nothing but live up to the reputation of the manufacturer. They feature anatomical contoured arches that provide adequate space for the heels along with high-quality leather construction that ensures comfort and durability. If you are looking for something long-lasting that will serve you through many intensive journeys, these insoles from Timberland will do just that.


Insoles are amongst the most overlooked shoe accessories, which is a real shame considering the benefits they bring. If you are about to go on vacation and want something that will provide an additional degree of comfort and stability, give one of these products a shot. Adding one of these best insoles for walking will only enhance your journey and make you more comfortable.

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