The Best Wrinkle-Free Mens Travel Blazer

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There are times while traveling that you need a blazer or jacket to attend a meeting or go to a nice restaurant for dinner, but packing an expensive and heavy wool blazer in a garment bag or carrying it over your arm for a long flight so it doesn’t get wrinkled just isn’t practical.

Nick sporting Bluffworks chino pants and blazer.
Nick sporting Bluffworks chino pants and blazer.

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That’s where Bluffworks super light and wrinkle-free blazers come in. I was introduced to Bluffwork’s fantastic Gramercy blazer just as we were becoming fed up with the packing hassle.

Instead of resigning myself never to eat in a restaurant requiring a jacket while traveling ever again, I crossed my fingers that the Bluffworks blazer would do as advertised and not wrinkle.

Guess what? It not only lived up to expectations, it actually exceeded all my expectations. Where has this blazer been all my life?  What makes this jacket exceed expectations so highly? Read on to see the many reasons I think this is one of the best travel blazers you can have in your wardrobe.

Here’s some more good news: Bluffworks has a Hopsack Blazer that’s even lighter, made of a machine-washable, stretch fabric that’s like linen, but without the wrinkles. It’s incredibly breathable and easy to pack.

1. It’s Wrinkle Resistant

As a frequent traveler, I really don’t want to change my packing habits to incorporate a fussy jacket that’s going to need triage upon arrival before it can be worn. The first trial I gave Bluffwork’s Gramercy blazer was to stuff it in my ebags packing cube along with all my other clothes, which I then stuffed into my regular travel backpack.

This is how I pack. Why should I change my ways for a blazer? When we arrived at our destination and I pulled out the blazer, I was sure it would be horribly wrinkled and creased. But it wasn’t! It may as well have been hanging up the entire journey.

It looked great. As advertised, the blazer simple refused to wrinkle. I wear it with the wrinkle-free men’s travel shirt from Bluffworks. It’s a no-brainer.

Bluffworks mens travel blazer

2. It’s Breathable and Lightweight

I don’t get excited about wearing a heavy, wool blazer in the middle of the summer. When searching for a good travel blazer, I underestimated how difficult it would be to find a breathable, lightweight jacket that still looked nice.

Now I have a few hanging in my closet that won’t ever be worn again, thanks to the Bluffworks blazer, because it’s not nearly as heavy fabric as the others. It doesn’t feel invoke instant sweating when worn outside in the summer. The Bluffworks blazer is not wool.

It’s a quick-dry polyester fabric with a perforated back lining that’s made to be light and breathable. Plus, the sleeves aren’t lined, which also adds to the lightness of the fabric. Visit Bluffworks online store to see their full line. Get 15% off by using the coupon code SAVJOURN15 (not applicable on sale items):

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The Bluffworks blazer has high versatility and fits many situations
The Bluffworks blazer has high versatility and fits many situations (photo by Savored Journeys)

3. It Looks Nice and is Versatile

You’d think that exchanging an expensive wool with a breathable lightweight polyester would compromise the look of the jacket, but in my opinion, it doesn’t. The material is really smooth, soft to the touch, and nicely mimics the look of wool.

The Bluffworks blazer currently comes in two different fits (classic and slim), and three different colors (Blue Hour, Gotham Grey, Northwest Grey). I have the blue blazer and it goes really well with jeans, slacks, the Charcoal Bluffworks chino pants that I often wear it with.

I’ve worn it to both casual dinners and those stuffy Michelin star restaurants where a jacket is required.  I felt equally comfortable in both environments wearing this blazer. If you’re looking to pair this blazer with pants to make a full suit, I recommend also checking out Bluffworks’ Gramercy Pants, which pair perfectly with the blazer.

You can color coordinate, or mix and match. They have all the same features as the blazer – 100% breathable polyester, machine washable, wrinkle-free, zippered security pockets, and moisture wicking for hot weather.

Bluffworks also has a new dress shirt in three different styles (and 2 different fits), that pair nicely with the blazer, and as a full suit. I have the Highland Grey Check classic fit and really love it. See my full review here.

You can now purchase the Gramercy Blazer along with a pair of Gramercy Pants. It’s the ultimate travel suit. Check out the options here. You can save quite a bit of money on the suit. Bluffworks has a promotion right now on this suit combo. Take $100 off your next suit purchase with code SUIT100.

4. It Has 10 Pockets

If you’re looking for a travel jacket with hidden pockets, there’s none better than this one. It has 10 pockets, people! You could do away with the need to hand carry anything on a short flight, or while you’re out to dinner, because it can’t all be fit into the pockets of this travel blazer.

There are seven pockets on the inside alone. The pen pocket in the pocket on the right counts!

Travel blazer with many hidden pockets
Travel blazer with many hidden pockets (photo by Savored Journeys)

I often use the inside chest pocket because it’s zippered and can hold my passport when we’re in transit. There are a couple of large inside pockets, one of which has a pocket within a pocket, for storing important small things you really can’t lose.

Both the outer and large inner pockets can fit my Kindle, cell phone, passport, and a small notebook for work. It falls short of fitting my 8″ tablet, but I don’t need my blazer to replace my entire backpack, so it’s okay. I hear that it can fit an iPad mini, however, if you have one.

Final Thoughts?

Aside from all the incredible features I’ve already mentioned, this mens travel blazer is also MACHINE WASHABLE. As someone who hates trekking things to the dry cleaners, this is a very big deal.

I stuck the Bluffworks blazer in the machine with a few other things, took it out to dry (you can tumble dry it, too, but we don’t have one in London), and it looked just like new. No wrinkles, the material was still soft.

If you have to have one of these blazers (and believe me, you DEFINITELY DO) you can use our Bluffworks coupon code to get 15% off when you order. Just use the code SAVJOURN15 (not applicable on sale items):

You can check out the entire line of Bluffworks travel clothes in their online store. They offer free shipping and free exchanges within the U.S. They have both classic and original chino pants that are really comfortable and great for traveling (even long hours on a plane).

Believe me, you’ll like the Chino pants so much, you’ll wish you’d bought them in every color. Just get all your shopping done at once. (See all our favorite travel pants here.)


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(Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. I was given a blazer for review.)

The Best Wrinkle-Free Mens Travel Blazer

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