Our guide to the best travel pants for men and women
Our guide to the best travel pants for men and women

At the risk of sounding completely fashion challenged, I must admit that ever since I discovered a few of the best travel pants, they are almost all I ever wear. I know how that sounds, but they are just so freaking comfortable! Why would I choose to wear anything else? I mean, to be fair, we do a lot of traveling, but I wear them all the time at home, too.

One of my biggest travel issues is being comfortable on long haul flights. When you’re stuck in a very small seat on a plane for 10+ hours, what you’re wearing suddenly becomes an issue. I used to wear jeans, until I realized that half my discomfort on the flight could be attributed to the pants I was traveling in. Thus I went on a mission to find the best comfortable travel pants for women.

The good news is that I found them! I found a few of them, actually. But not without a few trials and returns. To help you avoid the tribulations of finding the best travel pants (or the best travel trousers, as they call them in my new hometown of London!), I’ve put together a guide to the best travel pants to help you find them too!

Of course, I didn’t leave out the men! My lovely husband wouldn’t be too happy with me if I didn’t bother to find him some men’s travel pants to wear. In fact, most of the brands that are high on my list for women are also great for men!

We’re talking about travel pants today, but we’ve also covered a few other travel topics you might be interested in like finding the best travel purse and the top carry on luggage guaranteed to fit in the overhead bin.

Comparison Chart of the Best Travel Pants 2017

Below you’ll find a nice chart of the top travel pants for 2017, with price and review info. (These are affiliate links.) You can click on any of them to see more reviews or learn more about them.

Best Travel Pants for Women

Best Travel Pants for Men

How to Choose the Best Travel Pants

Comfort, obviously! Right? Okay, it’s not quite that easy to find the right pair of travel pants, but comfort is a big part of the equation. Once you’ve found that, you’ve got 50% of the work done. What is the other criteria you should be looking for in the perfect travel pants?

  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Water-resistant
  • Deep pockets
  • Wrinkle-resistant
  • Quick Drying
  • Cling-Free
  • Flexible Fit

Yes, it’s a long list! Is it possible to find all of these attributes in one single pair of pants? Maybe not, but you can get pretty close with the ones listed above.

For most every day travelers — and I’m not talking about the high adventure types who regularly hike mountains and stuff — there are a few things you really can’t go without. Nick and I both have our own lists of must haves, if we can only pick the top 3. Here they are:

Laura’s Top 3 Must Haves

Lightweight Material

We prefer to pack really light – by that I mean just a backpack each for up to 10-day trips. There’s no way to fit a couple pairs of jeans into a backpack. I’ve tried it. The best way to cut down on the size and weight of your luggage is to streamline your wardrobe. A good pair of travel pants will be made of lightweight, yet durable material, which is often mostly nylon with Spandex or Elastane.


I really hate it when we arrive at our destination, inevitably no iron in our hotel room, and all of our clothes are wrinkled. If this has to happen, I at least want one thing I can wear that isn’t wrinkled (I’m looking at you, pants!) And if I ball up my pants and throw them in a corner before bed, I’d love for them to not be wrinkled in the morning. Wishful thinking? Nope. I actually have a two pairs of travel pants that don’t wrinkle, or at least the wrinkles fall out quickly.

Flexible Fit

My main reason for wanting to find the best travel pants in the first place was for comfort on airplanes. If I need to be able to sit for long periods of time in these pants without having them dig into my skin and leave marks. Also being about to swat down without restriction.

Nick’s Top 3 Must Haves


Nick will tell you that the most important thing to him in men’s travel pants is breathability. I think this is because he walked around Bangkok in almost 100° heat in a pair of trousers that were not breathable. Sweating profusely all day is not a good way to go.

Deep Pockets

That time when Nick’s ID fell out of his pocket in the taxi on our way to the airport immediately comes to mind as the top reason for needing deep pockets. He stores his wallet, keys, change and phone in his pockets, so if they aren’t deep enough to hold those things in, they won’t make the cut.


Not a lot of the materials that travel pants are often made of are water-resistant, so this is a tough one, but when you regularly drop food and/or water on yourself it’s awesome when it doesn’t stain or soak into your pants. If we can’t have water-resistant than they at least have to be quick drying.

The Best Travel Pants Are Multi-Functional

I know not everyone is a light packer, but I always hope to encourage it when I can. Light packers tend to think in terms of how little they can pack and still have the right clothing options for every situation. This is where a good pair of travel pants comes in. For this purpose, I highly recommend having at least one pair of black travel pants. Why? Because black goes with everything, and because black pants can always be made to appear dressy.

If you buy the right pair of travel pants, they will be multi-functional enough to be worn in all of these situations without anyone wondering what you were thinking.

  • Dining out at a nice restaurant
  • Hiking
  • Walking around museums
  • Airplane travel
  • During hot summer days
  • On an impromptu run in the park

The Best Travel Pants Reviews for Women

PrAna Women’s Halle Pants

There are quite a few differences between the PrAna pants and the Columbia pants. The PrAna Halle pants are made with 97% Nylon and 3% Spandex, and they have a thicker, slicker look and feel. The four-way stretch design with reinforced knees makes them really comfortable to move around in, so they’re great for all types of travel situations, even in more adventurous situations. I find them to be fairly wrinkle-free and quick to dry.

This pair of pants has two pockets in the back with flaps sealed with silver buttons, plus a secret hidden pocket on the top right leg, which you can see fairly well, making this pair of pants not quite as easy to dress up. The front closure consists of a zipper and two silver buttons. They are not as relaxed in the front as I would hope and the buttons do have a tendency to dig in after a few hours.

Aside from being really durable, breathable and water resistant, the Halle travel pants also have a roll-up feature, so you can easily turn them into shorts. They come in three different lengths and it’s important to get the one that fits you right, or you may find the fit doesn’t feel right and it’s hard to keep them up.

Pros: Great for adventure travel
Cons: Side pocket makes them less multi-functional, hard to find the right size

LightweightBreathableWater-resistWrinkle-freeQuick DryingMulti-functionFlexible Fit

Columbia Women’s Anytime Outdoor Bootcut Pant

One of the best pairs of women’s travel pants I own are the Columbia Anytime Outdoor Bootcut pair.

The thing I like most about this pair of pants is that they are incredibly lightweight and don’t wrinkle. I can roll them up in a ball for two days and 5 minutes after I’ve put them on, they’re smooth again. Because they don’t have any extra pockets, zippers or tags on the legs, you can wear them almost anywhere. I even wore them to a Michelin-star restaurant when my dress pants were too wrinkled to wear. They can be dressed up with a nice blouse and shoes. The two front pockets lay flat and there is only a small back pocket with a velcro seal.

If you were to stack three pairs of these pants together, they would take up the space of one pair of jeans. They are made from 96% Nylon and 4% Elastane, so they have a good amount of stretch to them. The zipper, snap and drawstring are not tight-fitting, so you can sit on a plane in these for 12 hours and not feel the closure digging into your skin. The only things I don’t really like is that the drawstring doesn’t do a great job of tightening them, so they sometimes feel too loose.

While these pants are really thin and breathable, I expected them to dry a little quicker than they did. If hung outside or near a fan, they’ll dry quickly, but in a windowless hotel room, it took almost a day for them to dry.

Pros: Shed wrinkles fast, soft, comfortable material, no large waistband to dig in
Cons: drawstring doesn’t hold them up well

LightweightBreathableWater-resistWrinkle-freeQuick DryingMulti-FunctionFlexible Fit

Outdoor Research Ferrosi Pants

These were the first pair of travel pants I tried, so I didn’t have as many comparisons to draw from. They are more water-resistant than any of the other pairs reviewed here, but that also makes them a little less soft and comfortable. The material swishes together a little more than I’d like, making some noise as you walk.

I was originally a little afraid that the snap closure would be uncomfortable for longer sitting, but the band of the pants is wide enough and also protected by a band of softer material, so it lays flat and doesn’t dig in. They have drawstrings at the ankles so you can pull them up to any length and secure them there with the pull string, but of the few times I’ve tried to use the pull string, I’ve not had luck getting them to actually stay up.

I would say these are the least versatile of the pants listed here. You can’t really get away with wearing them to a nice restaurant. They have zipper pockets in the back that lay flat, but they also have a plastic “Outdoor Research” label sewn into the lower leg, and a silver OR logo sewn into the ankle.

While these pants are fairly breathable and lightweight, they don’t air dry as quickly as they should and the crotch area can become a little too warm when in active situations. They are very comfortable to wear in regular conditions, however.

Pros: Very comfortable waistband, can be secured higher on the leg as capris or shorts, lots of pockets
Cons: Can’t be easily dressed up, wrinkle easier

LightweightBreathableWater-resistWrinkle-freeQuick DryingMulti-FunctionFlexible Fit

Royal Robbins Discovery Pants

Probably the most versatile of all the pants we’ve reviewed, the Royal Robbins Discovery pants can be worn in almost any situation. If anything, they almost look too nice to wear in outdoor adventure settings, probably because of their matte appearance. But they are great for wearing out to a nice dinner. The material is a little stiffer than others, so they aren’t as comfortable for everyday wear, and they do make a slight swishing sound as you walk.

My biggest pet peeve about these pants is the front closure. There is a zipper and button on the inside, and a snap flap that snaps about and inch past the button. This makes them a very unforgiving size. You wouldn’t want to gain any weight and try to fit into these, and that means eating a large lunch or dinner! The waist does tend to dig into the skin when sitting for longer periods.

These pants dry the quickest of the four options. They generally stay wrinkle free as long as you aren’t balling them up for days before wear. There are pockets in front and one zippered pocket in back that all lay very flat, so you don’t really notice they’re there. There are no other branded markings on the legs.

Pros: Can be worn anywhere, easy to dress up
Cons: Not as soft or comfortable as others, button and snap closure tends to dig in

LightweightBreathableWater-resistWrinkle-freeQuick DryingMulti-FunctionFlexible Fit

Mens Travel Pants Reviews

I made sure to include pants in this list that were classified as cargo pants, because I know how important it is to Nick to be able to carry a bunch of things in his pockets when we travel. You might also notice that I left out all convertible pants because I just don’t like them. Most of these pairs do have convertible options available though, if you must.

Outdoor Research Ferrosi Pants

The Outdoor Research pants for men are very much like the women’s version. They aren’t necessarily ideal for all situations, but they are great for active adventurers who will appreciate the additional features they provide, like water and wind-resistance. They just have a few extra styling elements that make them harder to blend into nicer environments, so they can’t really be dressed up easily.

They have drawstrings at the ankles so you can pull them up to any length and secure them there with the pull string, though that feature probably isn’t going to get used very often. You can also use the tightening drawstring to secure your pants around your ankle so they don’t get caught in the spokes of your bike, or ride up when climbing.

One of the things I like the most about these pants is the amount of stretch and flexibility the fabric has, but they don’t get stretched out easily, they retain their shape well, likely due to the nylon/lycra blend. As for pockets, there are two front regular pockets that are not incredibly deep, two zippered rear pockets, and a zippered pocket on the thigh, which is deep enough to hold a cellphone.

Pros: Flexible, stretchy fabric that doesn’t lose its shape, good features for adventurers
Cons: Too casual for dressy situations

LightweightBreathableWater-resistWrinkle-freeQuick DryingMulti-FunctionFlexible Fit

PrAna Brion Pants

The PrAna brand has a few different styles for men, including the Zion stretch that is best for really active adventurers. The Brion is more for every day wear and for when you want something more multi-functional. They are cut slimmer with straight legs and a fixed waistband, so they look decidedly less “adventurey” and more able to blend into any situation. The black pair can easily be dressed up and look nice enough for a classy restaurant.

The slimmer fit doesn’t make them any less practical as travel pants. They are water-repellent, quick to dry and are very lightweight for packing purposes. The stretch fabric is made specifically to allow maximum comfort when moving around.

The only thing to be aware of is that the pockets in the Brion are not nearly as functional for people who like to keep multiple items in there. The front pockets are pretty deep and can hold a wallet and keys, and the back pocket can hold a wallet. There is no leg cargo pocket.

Pros: Slim fit, perfect for most every day use, can be dressed up easily
Cons: Pockets aren’t ideal

LightweightBreathableWater-resistWrinkle-freeQuick DryingMulti-FunctionFlexible Fit

UB Tech Rainier Travel Chino Pants

These men’s travel pants are my favorite. They are incredibly versatile. The black ones can easily be worn to a nice dinner, and the khaki color can also be dressed up easily, which is a huge pro because most men’s travel pants in any color but black look very casual. The cut is also a bit slimmer, so they don’t look like outdoor adventure pants. The material is 94% nylon and 6% spandex, so while they are comfortable and flexible, you do get a bit of the swishing sound when you walk.

Another great feature about these pants is that they are actually made to be water-repellent. Beads of water just roll right off. Usually that translates to me as slow drying, but these tend to be rather quick to dry. They also have SPF 50 sun protection built in.

As for pockets, they have two regular front pockets with mesh interior and two back pockets with zipper closures. They are meant to be cargo pants so they do have a side pocket with a zipper, but it’s very low profile so you can almost not even tell it’s there.

Pros: Water-repellant, adjustable waist band
Cons: Swish a bit when you walk, cargo pocket is not incredibly useful

LightweightBreathableWater-resistWrinkle-freeQuick DryingMulti-FunctionFlexible Fit

Columbia Silver Ridge

These pants are 100% nylon with plenty of flexibility of movement. They have an exterior waistband adjuster to easily take them in or out. Columbia is always good at including extra features to combat the elements in their clothing, so it’s no surprise that these pants have moisture wicking and SPF 50 protection built in. Though they aren’t water-resistant, they are quick to dry due to the moisture-wicking technology.

The material is soft and comfortable, and they don’t make much of a swishing sound when you walk. Although the waistband says it’s partially elastic, it’s still pretty unforgiving, so proper sizing is important. We’ve found that the belt it comes with is pretty useless. It can easily be removed. We’ve also noticed that the inseam doesn’t seem to be correct, so it might take a few tries to find the right fit if ordering online.

There are six pockets in these pants. The front two regular pockets and two rear pockets with tab closure and velcro to secure them shut. There is also one pocket on each leg, one with velcro and one that is zippered. I don’t think anything would fall out of any of those four pockets, but it’s nice to have the zippered one for added security.

Pros: Plenty of pockets, lightweight and good for summer
Cons: Difficult to find the right fit

LightweightBreathableWater-resistWrinkle-freeQuick DryingMulti-FunctionFlexible Fit


With all of these great choices, you should be able to find the best travel pants for you. I have a pair of each of them and use them in different situations. What I love the most is that I can easily pack all four pairs in my backpack in a fraction of the space it would take to pack four regular pairs of jeans, so I can have a much greater variety of things to wear, while still packing light.

If there are any pairs of travel pants that you love that I left off the list, let me know and I’ll review those as well.

Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links. This means that if you make a booking after clicking on this link that we may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thanks for supporting our site!

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