The company that brought you the ‘best travel pants ever’ and the ‘ultimate travel blazer’ is doing it again with the only dress shirt you’ll ever need.

Seriously, I was just thinking that it would be nice to have a wrinkle-free travel shirt to go with the awesome Bluffworks travel blazer I’ve been stuffing into my carry-on, ever since I discovered how indestructible it was. I mean, what if there was a dress shirt that didn’t wrinkle so bad it looked like I’d used it as a pillow on the plane; one that was breathable, comfortable, and easy to wash.

The only company I know of who could pull that off is Bluffworks. And guess what. They did it!

Their 5-Day performance dress shirt has just been released on Kickstarter. Of course, the shirt will only be made if the Kickstarter goal is reached by October 24. But, no need to worry – as of Sept 27, just a few days after being launched, it has already well exceeded its goal.

The shirt WILL be made! Here’s a preview.

Bluffworks performance dress shirt, the perfect wrinkle free travel shirt
Bluffworks performance dress shirt (Image via Bluffworks)

Why It’s the Best Wrinkle Free Travel Shirt

Like the rest of the Bluffworks clothing line, the dress shirt promises to be wrinkle-free, breathable, machine-washable and well-designed; Plus, able to blend into any environment and stand the test of time.

As you can imagine, when I was asked if I’d like to review a sample shirt, I jumped at the chance.

By the time I received the shirt, it had made a week-long haul across the ocean in a box to reach me. I took it out of the box and did a once over. Could it really be so wrinkle-free?

A week in a box didn’t do it much harm. It did have a crease near the pocket from the journey. I have to admit that my skepticism set in and I immediately started putting it to the test.

Test #1

Bluffworks Performance Dress Shirt gets stuffed into bag

I stuffed it — literally balled it up and shoved it between some other clothes — into a packing cube and put it in my travel backpack. In order to be sure it wouldn’t wrinkle on me during a trip, I left it in there for a few days. I hate having to call the hotel front desk for an iron. I’m pretty sure there’s no way this thing comes out wrinkle free.

The Verdict

After a few solid days in the cramped backpack, I got the shirt out and hung it up for a look. The same crease was still there by the pocket. (Yes, I was hoping one of its super powers would be the ability to self-heal.) I didn’t find any other major wrinkles. The back tail had a few small wrinkles. But no iron needed, after 2 days stuffed in a bag.

Travel shirt after being stuffed in bag

Test #2

If I was traveling with the shirt, I would take it out of my bag and immediately wear it to dinner. So I did that. The shirt is meant to be worn for 5 days, so I figured I’d also wear it to work the next day.

Nick at dinner wearing Bluffworks
Nick wears the Bluffworks technical dress shirt to work

The Verdict

The Bluffworks travel shirt is great for casual wear

I have the Bluehour Classic Fit blazer and the charcoal Chino pants. The pattern and colors of the shirt match both, and even though they’re all different colors, they look very nice together. Perfect for a dinner date or a night at the theater.

I thought the shirt might be a bit much for my casual office, but it wasn’t. We often go for a pint at the pub after work, and stand outside the pub while we drink. It was warm out for long sleeves, but I just rolled up the sleeves and it was perfect. When I rolled the sleeves down later on, they weren’t crumpled from having been rolled up for so long.

By day 3 my coworkers were wondering why I was still wearing the same shirt. I don’t typically wear a shirt more than one day, to be honest. If I’d been on a trip, I probably would have continued wearing it the full 5 days to see if it could hold up.  But at the risk of being ridiculed at work all week, I opted to throw the shirt in the wash and give it one last big test.

Test #3

Washing Bluffworks shirt in the sink

The real test of the 5-day dress shirt for me is whether it can be easily washed and dried while traveling. We tend to pack really light, so being able to replace 3 or 4 shirts with just this one would be fantastic.

If we were on a trip, the shirt would have to be washed in the sink and lined dried, so that’s how I did the test.

The Verdict

I washed the shirt at around 9pm. By the time I got up for work, it was completely dry. Judging by how lightweight the material is, it couldn’t have taken long to dry.

It didn’t come out entirely wrinkle-free, but it didn’t need to be ironed to look good enough for work. I actually liked the feel of the polyester fabric better after being washed. Some shirts get stiff and uncomfortable to wear after being line-dried, but the Bluffworks shirt didn’t. It has a nice natural-looking weave to it, even though it’s a technical fabric. If I’d done this test with any of my other dress shirts, it wouldn’t have turned out this well. So I’m very pleased.

The shirt after line drying overnight

I don’t typically wash my dress shirts in the washing machine. I send them out to be dry cleaned. The Bluffworks shirt is meant to be washed at home. It actually says “do not dry clean” on it. You can throw it in with the rest of the load, and even tumble dry it. It’s definitely a quick dry shirt, even if you hang dry it. The instructions say it may need a light ironing before wear.

Are You Excited About This Travel Shirt?

I certainly am. If you want to get really excited about it, watch the Kickstarter video. You’ll see how seemlessly the shirt fits into any situation. Then head over to the Kickstarter page to check it out or contribute.

The rewards for the Kickstarter start at $98 for one patterned shirt (regularly $125). It continues until October 23.

As far as mens travel shirts go, you can’t find a better one than this.

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