Cruise ship
Cruise ship (Image by Roderick Eime, used under CC License)

Sifting through cruise brochures, you can almost feel the sea breeze as it washes over you. A cruise is infectious – it’ll instill a taste for ocean life that’ll never quite leave you. When you can experience multiple different countries from the comfort of your cabin, you’ll never want to holiday on dry land ever again.

Discover new nations

Cruise holidays appeal to such a wide audience, thanks to their simplicity. Rightly so, who wouldn’t want to travel in luxury between destinations – and only need to unpack once? There’s no added stress over choosing restaurants, thanks to the on-board facilities, and few diner views beat the vast open ocean anyway. Aside from the ship’s entertainment, you’ll be able to new make travelling friends to share the magic of the voyage with.

…and different cultures!

Tequila Sunrise
Tequila Sunrise (Image by Mark Freeth, used under CC License)

On an Iberian cruise, you’ll spend your days scouring cultured sites such as the Pablo Picasso museum or the monasteries of Lisbon and your nights sailing calm Mediterranean waters. Whilst you’ll have the chance to try various different cuisines. If you don’t feel like going out then eating on the ship itself is always a safe option. Worried about returning home suitably UN-bronzed? The upper decks of a cruise ship are guaranteed sun, depending where you go, so you’ll be able to strut your new tan with pride when you arrive home.

How to pack for a cruise

A cruise is a different kettle of fish to most other holidays, so you should pack differently too.

Bring a bottle or two of your own wine. Some vessels may add a cork charge for you to drink this in a public place, so always check with a member of staff before opening one.

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If you’re lucky enough to experience a blood-red sunset, park up on deck and enjoy a glass or two whilst gazing into the horizon.

Seasickness doesn’t affect everyone, but it’s always good to bring aboard medication should you feel unwell at sea. After all, there’s nothing worse than an evening resigned to the cabin feeling sorry for yourself! On a lighter note, bring binoculars. Should spot some whales or dolphins whilst travelling, you’ll regret not having a pair in your hand luggage. Portable speakers are another cruise essential. What beats listening to an album of your choice whilst watching waves lapse against the boat?

There’s a reason why more and more holidaymakers are taking to the seas. Why not join them?

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This is a guest post by Elma Humpries.

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