Can’t Miss Day Trips from Georgetown, Guyana

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If you only have a day or two to get a taste of Guyana, then here are some quick getaways from Georgetown that are just perfect for escaping the bustle of the city. The capital is close to some of the most serene locations, where adventures can be had, you can relax and unwind, or combine a bit of both. Either way, you will return rejuvenated!

Arrowpoint Nature Resort

Travel Time: 45 mins one-way (by boat)
Trip Duration: 1-3 days

Start your day early at the Roraima Marina on the bank of the Demerara River, for a 45-minute speedboat ride into the Kamuni tributary and finally into a narrow stretch of Pokerero Creek, where you will find Arrowpoint Nature Resort.  Be greeted by the staff with some freshly squeezed juice and snacks and get oriented to the riverside eco-resort. Nine characterful wooden cabins are camouflaged within an all-green topography.

Nature trails with majestic trees on all sides, crisscross the resort and are perfect for birdwatching and wildlife spotting. Explore these on foot or a mountain bike along with your guide.

Kayak down shallow creeks with overhanging trees on both sides.  Looking for more leisurely activities? Find the perfect hammock to sink in, take a dip in the river, or join the locals for some diving. On your way back, stop at the Santa Mission village to meet the local community and pick up a souvenir to remember your trip.

Island Hopping on the Essequibo

Travel Time: 1 hour one-way to Parika
Trip Duration: 1-3 days

Book a boat for a unique island-hopping trip on the Essequibo River and enjoy historical sights, glimpses into local life and stunning natural beauty.  Start early at the Parika jetty for a day on the tan coloured waters of the third largest river in South America where just one of the 365 islands are the size of Barbados!

Depending on time and tide, you can visit Leguan Island, Fort Island, Fort Kyk-Over-Al, Hogg Island, Sloth Island and even make a short stop to Bartica. Day tours typically explore select beaches and resorts and the remaining vestiges of Dutch architecture in Fort Island, with the Court of Policy (now a museum) and Fort Zeelandia, an 18th century brick fort.

Another defensive fortification can be seen as you pass Fort Kyk-Over-Al and the famous windmill on Hogg Island. On Sloth Island, keep a sharp look out for one of the 25+ sloths clinging to the treetops.

Bartica and Around

Travel Time: approximately 2 hours one-way (1-hour overland and 1 hour by boat)
Trip Duration: 1-2 days

Powerboat racing

Bartica lies at the confluence of the Essequibo, Cayuni and Mazaruni Rivers, and is an important gateway to the gold and diamond mining regions of Guyana. No wonder its main market street is an entertainment hotspot, with several buzzing pubs and shops for the mining community. There are several restaurants and lodging options in town and transport to and from Parika is regularly available.

On the way to Bartica, keep a lookout for musician, Eddie Grant’s home in the middle of the Essequibo. Bartica is best known for its standout events during Easter. During the Regatta with its powerboat racing, street jams and beauty pageant, it is the place to be!


Travel Time: 45 minutes one way
Trip Duration: 1/2 to 1 day

Harpy Eagle

Birding enthusiasts don’t have to travel too far from Georgetown to set eyes upon some of the most dazzling display of plumage in the country. Half an hour’s drive will get you to the Unity Village at the mouth of the Mahaica River.

On the way in, stop in historic Victoria, the first village to be purchased by free slaves over 175 years ago.  From Unity, board a fishing boat and gently glide for 3 hours on the mirror-flat waters. Keep your eyes peeled for monkeys and over 150 species of birds that live in the mangrove forests along the edges.  The most sighted birds include the black-capped Donacobius, rufous crab-hawk, gray-breasted cranes, silvered antbirds, wing-barred seedeater, pied water-tyrant, point-tailed palm creeper, Moriche oriole, black hawk-eagle, tropical kingbird, silver-backed antbird, boat-billed heron and green-rumped Parrotlet amongst many others.

Pandama Retreat and Winery

Travel Time: 90 mins
Trip Duration: 1/2 to 1 day

Being a tropical country, Guyana is blessed with a mouthwatering array of fruits. When the Douglas family moved back to their home country, after years of living in the U.S, they set out to make fine wines from these wide variety of fruits and the Pandama Winery and Retreat was born, with an offering of Pineapple, Jamoon, Aunty Desmond, Noni, Cherry, Malacca Pear, Duka, Carambola and Sorrel wines and tonics for the city-weary souls.

The comfy retreat that accompanies the winery is perfect for spending a relaxed day sipping some fine fruit wines. Wooden cabins tucked away in the jungle, camping facilities, nature trails, birding opportunities and of course engaging wine tasting sessions, will make you keep coming back for more.

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Travel Better in Guyana: Guyana is working hard to conserve its vibrant wildlife and ecosystems and protect its culture and heritage. We realize that it is often difficult to understand how you can support these aims and make a difference when you travel.  That’s why we’ve set out to help you by creating Visitor Guidelines for Sustainable Travel. All passionate globetrotters, curious culture seekers, and bold adventurers are encouraged to do all you can to leave a positive impact on the people and places you visit in Guyana.

Can’t Miss Day Trips from Georgetown, Guyana

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