Egypt is a fascinating place, brimming with ancient history, stories of phaoroahs, and gods, and the elaborate tombs and colossal temples built to honor them. Traveling to Egypt is like going back in time to a completely different world. The food – spit roasted lamb kabobs, warm falafel and fresh baked pit – it’s all part of the unique land of Egypt.

Learn about traveling to Egypt, including when to go, where to go and what to see, eat and drink along the way in this Egypt travel guide.

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tours to book

When to Go


The best time to visit Egypt is during fall and spring, when the weatehr isn’t as oppressive. Try February to April and September to November.


Summer is off season in much of Egypt due to the intense heat. If you’re looking for a deal (or less crowds), it’s best to try early November and June, which are shoulder season with slightly lower temperatures, but still lower prices.


You’ll want to avoid traveling to Egypt in the height of summer, as it can be very hot and humid, especially in Luxor. It’s difficult to enjoy the sights when the heat is so oppressive.

where to go



Cairo is a bustling, frenetic city – the largest in the Middle Ease. it’s home to the Egyptian Museum, the Gisa Pyramids, and Sphinx. It’s also a hub of culture, food, and film.

Nile Cruise in Egypt

Aswan & Luxor

Taking an organized cruise down the nile is a great way to see all of the ancient sites along the way from Aswan to Luxor. Cruises are included in most group tours in Egypt.

sharm el sheikh

Sharm el Sheikh

Located on the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula, Sharm el Sheikh is a popular resort area, renown for it’s long beautiful beaches and clear water. Divers love it!

what to do, eat, and drink

With friends at Abu Simbel in Egypt (2007)

What to Do

Take a cruise down the Nile River

Visit Abu Simbel

See the Great Pyramids of Gisa

Ride a camel through the desert

Tour the Valley of the Kings

Learn about ancient godes

Explore Karnak and Luxor Temple

Smoke sheesha in Cairo

Relax in Sharm el Sheikh

pita bread

What to Eat

Baladi Bread (pita)
Shish Kebab
Baba Ghannouj
Ta’meya (falafel)
Hawawshi (meat pie)

pomegranate juice

What to Drink

Karakadey (hibiscus tea)

Pomegranate Juice

Qasab (sugarcane juice)

Shay bil na’na (mint tea)

Aswanli (local dark beer)

Kahwa (strong coffee)


Many visitors choose to take part in an organized tour that includes transportation. If you go this route, you will have a private driver to get you around to the stops on your itinerary. This is preferable to renting a car.

In Cairo, it’s easiest to get around by taxi or ride share, like Uber. Uber isn’t available widely outside of Cairo and Alexandria, but you can always get a taxi.

If you plan to visit other cities and areas in Egypt during a short itinerary, it’s usually best to fly between destinations (Cairo to Luxor, for instance) because it won’t eat up as much of your time. However, there is a train available between the popular destinations.

Travel Tips

  • Be alert at all times. Don’t give in to obvious scams and hustles that are rampant in and around popular tourist attractions.
  • Don’t ask a vendor to take a picture for you. They will likely require a tip before giving you back your camera.
  • There are tons of roving vendors. Don’t make eye contact and say either don’t respond or just say a quick “no thank you” and move on.
  • It is extremely hot during the summer. Drink plenty of bottled water, wear appropriate clothing and reapply sunscreen all day.
  • You should barter with shop owners, but not unless you really want the item.
  • Expect them to follow you until they make the sale. They’ll even follow you to and ONTO your bus.
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