Portugal has so much to offer – not least of which is its beautiful, rugged coastline that stretches from Minho in the north to the Algarve in the south – a temptation no beach-goer can resist.

The capital city of Lisbon offers old-world charm alngside exciting restaurants and world-class museums.

And don’t forget Porto, home to the country’s Port wine houses, and launching point for a journey on the Douro River and into the wine-making region of the Douro Valley.

When to go

Best time to go: You’ll find the best weather in Portugal from April to June and September to October. Though the weather can be quite nice on the shoulder seasons too.

Shoulder Season: Late October to November and late February to March are the shoulder season in Portugal, which translates into lower prices and less crowds. It might not quite be beach weather in some parts of the country, but it’s a wonderful time to visit the city.

Summer months: The summer months of late June through August can be quite hot in Portugal. It’s prime beach weather and you’ll find plenty of crowds on the beach, as this is the time for Europeans to take their long summer breaks and flock to the beach.

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Lisbon is a charming, cosmopolitan city with modern conveniences alongside historical gems. It’s a very walking friendly city.

The Algarve

The Algarve

Portugal’s southernmost region, it’s known for its beaches, golf resorts, and whitewashed fishing villages, low cliffs, and sandy coves.

Porto Portugal


Don’t miss a visit to Porto, where the historica old Port houses line the river and there’s never a lack of scenic views to enjoy.

madeira portugal


Madeira is a garden town – a charming island with incredible natural beauty and ancient forests and beaches to explore.

What to eat in portugal

You may not often hear about Portuguese food, like you hear about Spanish food, but the country has a lot of great national dishes that are unique to Portugal and are packed with flavor.

Check out these guides before you go, so you know exactly where and what to eat:

While there are regional favorites, you can find most of these dishes throughout Portugal. Be sure to try these Portuguese dishes while visiting the country.

Where to Stay in Portugal


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