Europe’s Best Summer Food Festivals

Summer Food Festivals
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Looking for excuses to plan your next European city break? What better excuse is there to take a city break in Europe this summer than food? There are a host of great food festivals taking place across the Europe with something to suit every taste.

Why not augment your travels with food exploration? Food festival offers a great opportunity to sample some delicious foods; perhaps you’ll even get to sample foods you’ve never eaten or even heard of before.

It can be a really unique and enjoyable experience to learn about new foods and expand your culinary palate. Just remember, if you want to attend any of these events, tickets sometimes sell out far in advance, so it’s wise to plan ahead to make sure you don’t miss out!

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Taste of Helsinki, Finland

Green Shell Mussels & Yuzu at the Taste of Helsinki
Green Shell Mussels & Yuzu at the Taste of Helsinki (CC2.0 Photo by Karri Linnoinen)

Taste of Helsinki is gourmet-dining heaven. One of the largest gourmet food and wine festivals in Europe, at Taste of Helsinki, chefs from 12 of the best restaurants in Helsinki, including Michelin starred restaurants, prepare dishes for attendees and perform live demonstrations.

Attendees can also sample an amazing selection of wine, champagne and beer. The Taste of Helsinki festival takes place over 4 days in June. 

Fresh Food Festival

The Fresh Food Festival is possibly the healthiest food festival there is. Several different great events are held during the course of the festival.

These include fitness activities and social activities, lectures about health and fitness, international speakers and food demos. As well as enjoying delicious meals of fresh, ripe, raw fruits and vegetables.

It is a great opportunity to taste some great raw foods and healthy foods and get some ideas to add to your own daily diet. The Fresh Food Festival used to be held in Denmark, but it has moved to the Czech Republic in 2019.

Taste of London, England

Braised Octopus at the Taste of London
Braised Octopus at the Taste of London (CC2.0 Photo by Kent Wang)

Taste of London returns to Regents Park  every year n June for 3 days. During the Taste of London festival, Regents Park essentially becomes the complete foodie wonderland where attendees can sample foods from world-class chefs from some of London’s best restaurants.

Sample al fresco delights, the finest artisan produce and gourmet brands, and enjoy interactive master classes and cooking demonstrations.

Another Taste of London event takes place in November at Tobacco Dock to kick off the holiday season.

Festa di San Giovanni, Rome

Rome will hold a day of festivities to honor San Giovanni on June 23rd and this of course includes a food festival of sorts.

On this special occasion, lumache in umido (stewed snails) and porchetta (roast suckling pig) are the foods of choice. A trip to Rome on June 23rd will offer a unique opportunity to sample these celebratory foods and much more as food producers and the city’s restaurants pull some creativity out of the bag and offer some exquisite gourmet foods.

As the day falls into night, follow the celebrations by attending a candlelit vigil.

Taste of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

High end restaurants, food lovers and food critics share their love and passion for fine wine & dine at Taste of Amsterdam.
High end restaurants, food lovers and food critics share their love and passion for fine wine & dine at Taste of Amsterdam. (CC2.0 Photo by Yelp Inc.)

If you’ve ever considered a trip to Amsterdam in The Netherlands, June is a good time to do so.

The Taste of Amsterdam food festival takes place over the course of 4 days and it promises a wealth of summer eating, drinking and entertainment.

During these dates, 15 of Amsterdam’s best restaurants, along with an array of both local and worldwide food producers, will do their best to ensure that attendees can sample some tasty gourmet, artisan and boutique foods.

Couple this with some live cooking demonstrations, wine tastings and interactive cooking programs and you’ve got yourself the ultimate foodie festival.


I don’t know about you, but I’d love to attend all of these events. And just think, these are only a handful of Europe’s best summer food festivals. There are plenty more all over Europe to check out.

We go to a lot of food festivals in the United States and always love them. Wouldn’t it be fun to head to another country for a food festival?

Have you already done that? Tell us about your experiences at food festivals in the comments!

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Europe’s Best Summer Food Festivals

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