7 Reasons Every Family Should Consider a Cruise (Even if You’re Not Cruise People)

If you’ve never experienced going on a cruise, you might feel anxious to try it out. New things can often feel too inconvenient if you’ve already gotten used to tried-and-true methods of traveling (via airplane or car). However, you will never truly know your limits or your tastes unless you constantly push yourself to try new things. If you’re contemplating such an adventure, here are seven reasons every family should consider going on a cruise, even if you’re not cruise people.

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1. It’s a Moving Hotel

If you are traveling to a specific destination by an airplane, a train or a car, you are pretty much bound for a singular hub with several interesting hotspots. If you want to see more of a region or a country, you have to make extra arrangements and, indeed, extra effort. However, if you go on a cruise vacation, you are literally staying in a moving hotel that is taking you from one interesting destination to another. This is especially convenient for big families.

Cruise ships from above
(Image by Brandon Nelson)

2. Babysitters Included

Toddlers and small kids require constant “surveillance”, which can ruin any prospect of relaxing vacation for diligent parents. However, if you bring your small children on a cruise liner, you might want to look into a selection of perks and check if the ship offers babysitters – and many of them do. With some help, you can finally enjoy a bit of me-time with your significant other, and your children will be supervised by a reliable and dedicated individual.

3.  It’s One of the Safest Ways to Travel

Every parent knows how stressful the matter of safety can be, and when they have to organize a vacation for the family, the risk-related anxieties can ramp up to eleven. However, the greatest selling point of a cruise vacation for a family unit lies exactly in the built-in safety of this traveling format.

The staff is always accounted for and heavily scrutinized by the greatest professionals in the field and it is practically impossible to “lose” a person on a cruise liner – at least not for a long while. In addition, traveling on modern cruise liners, which are essentially the engineering wonders and moveable forts, is one of the safest ways to travel today.

Cruise ship
Cruise ship (Image by Roderick Eime, used under CC License)

4. It Gives You More Options Than You May Think

People have a rather simplistic idea of cruises. They imagine an ocean liner with an endless party on top, cutting through the untamed waves that roll across the endless horizon. However, they are much more flexible than you may think and it’s a mode of travelling that gives you a range of options. If you are reluctant about trying it out, you can begin with shorter trips.

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5. You Can Pack Lightly

Do you dread packing lists and hours upon hours of preparation before you jam all that stuff in your trunk and finally set off on the road? Packing for a cruise should be a breezy affair if you know what you are getting into. First of all, the storage space in your cabin is limited, plus, your dirty laundry will be picked up by a steward and washed, as long as you remember to place the clothes into a dedicated laundry bag. Some cruises even boast do-it-yourself launderettes.

taking photos from a cruise ship
(Image by Harry Cunningham)

6. The Food is Out of This World

When you are paying for a cruise trip, you are paying for a lot more than a “hotel room that moves on its own”. The ticket price also includes (at the very least) three meals a day, and cruises are generally renowned for a fine selection of dishes arranged by virtuoso cooks. Some cruises offer specialty restaurants that will have your gourmet mind blown, but even the most average meals are quite satisfying. Furthermore, many of these options are arranged at establishments which offer entertainment and quality shows during dining hours.

Everyone's favorite lasagna
Tuscan Grill aboard Celebrity Silhouette

7.  The Sheer Bliss of No Obligations

The ultimate reason why every family should try out a cruise lies in a simple fact that only this “format” of vacationing offers a complete no-obligation arrangement. There is something truly profound and liberating about the idea of waking up in your cabin, knowing that meals and cleaning will be taken care of for you. In addition, you are typically just a deck away from a plethora of activities that offer something captivating for every member of the family.

top deck of a cruise ship
(Image by Michelle Maria)

Cruise vacations used to be reserved for the elderly, but the landscape of the tourism industry has been changing slowly but surely over the last five years. Cruise vacations have been booming and the current year will probably be remembered as the ultimate year of “family cruises” – that is, unless the following year beats it, which seems to be likely. There is hardly a better time to try this out, and if you consider all the perks, the entire family is bound to come out of this experience beaming with satisfaction.



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7 Reasons Every Family Should Consider a Cruise (Even if You’re Not Cruise People)

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