Seattle is a lovely seaside city that isn’t overwhelmingly large, or too complicated to tackle in a weekend, but that has a big city feel and all of the services and excitement you expect. We’ve put together this one-stop Seattle travel guide to help you quickly find the best hotels, neighborhoods to check out, things to do in Seattle, and places to eat and drink in Seattle.

If you love being near the water, you’ll love visiting Seattle. The natural beauty is astounding, and if you are lucky enough to visit on a nice summer day with blue sky, you’ll never want to leave. Below, find our quick Seattle travel guide, plus some more useful information on traveling to Seattle.

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Where to Stay in Seattle

Seattle is the type of city where you need a car to get around if you’re planning to get out of the downtown area at all. If you’re just going to be exploring downtown, you can really easily take the light rail from the airport to anywhere in downtown, and you won’t need a car. We still highly recommend staying downtown, no matter how you choose to explore the city. Just beware that parking can cost as much as $30-40 a night at area hotels.

Here are our recommended Seattle hotels. You can use any of these links to read reviews or book hotels for your stay in Seattle.

Save time and money with the Seattle CityPass

Shortcut Travel Guide to Seattle

Savored Journey’s Shortcut Guide to Seattle

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