London's Borough Market is a must-visit for visitors who love food
London’s Borough Market is a must-visit for visitors who love food

It’s tourist central just across the Thames near the London Bridge, so it’s really no wonder that Borough Market, one of the oldest and best in London, is always packed. If you’ve come to London prepared, you’ve already got a plan to have lunch at Borough Market. Now you just need to know what’s for lunch. Believe me, you won’t be disappointed, no matter what you choose.

There are dozens of places to eat near Borough Market, which is tucked away down a flight of stairs by the Southwark Cathedral. Just be prepared to battle it out with all the other people who had the same idea as you to enjoy lunch at borough market.

It’s open Monday to Saturday from 10am to 7am, except on Saturday when it opens at 8am for the early birds. While Monday and Tuesday are limited market days and all of the stalls are not open, that should not sway you from visiting. Even when all the stalls are closed, Borough Market is still alive thanks to the surrounding restaurants and shops. There’s always somewhere to eat near Borough Market.

If you’re thinking that the options for lunch at Borough Market are just what you can find at the typical market stalls, like cheese and artisan bread, you will be absolutely shocked at the plethora of food options available at the market. This is what makes it such a fantastic market. There are hot food vendors along the outside perimeter of the market, lots of those typical vendors through the middle, even more food vendors in the buildings under the tracks, and just when you think there couldn’t possibly be more, there are full-sized restaurants lining the entire area.

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What to Eat for Lunch at Borough Market

Now, how do you choose what to eat for lunch at Borough Market. You can’t get ahead of yourself and just stand in line for the first thing that looks good, or you won’t make it very far. One thing is guaranteed here: you will run out of stomach space before you run out of places that tempt you. You have to go in with a plan.

It’s a good idea to be armed with a few important tips, as well. We’ll throw those in at the end, because we know you’re eager to get to the food! You’ll also find a few recommendations on where to stay near Borough Market. And when you’re ready to walk it all off, check out this post for a one-day walking tour of London’s top landmarks.

While we’ll mostly be discussing the lunch food options in Borough Market, there are all kinds of other goodies you can buy in the market, like cookies, muffins, cheeses of all kinds, sausage, tea, spices, fresh produce. If you’re able to take back a few items to your hotel room, or you want to put together a picnic basket of items to take for a picnic along the waterfront, you can easily do it here. So do plan for at least an hour of additional walking around at the market, before or after you’ve eaten.

Best Street Food in Borough Market

In Borough Market, you’ll find a few different kinds of food options. The places in this list can most accurately be defined as street food. There is a very nice line up of street food options along the outside wall of the market. There are probably about 10 stalls there, where you can stand in line for a sandwich or take-away plate of food. A few more street food options can be found throughout the market. If you can buy it outside and take it to go, we’re considering it street food.


Potatoes with melted cheese and pickles at Cappacasein
Potatoes with melted cheese and pickles at Cappacasein

Be prepared, because I’m starting the list with everyone’s favorite food stop in Borough Market. This place is so popular, you’ll never find it without a huge line wrapping around the corner. I promise you it is worth it to stand in that line. Kappacasein sell an amazing plate of potatoes covered in bubbling hot Raclette cheese (with pickles on the side!). Or you can get a toasty, melty grilled cheese for just £5. It’s the stuff of dreams.

Roast Hog

The roast pork sandwiches at Roast Hog start out with a whole hot on the spit
The roast pork sandwiches at Roast Hog start out with a whole hot on the spit (Photo by Savored Journeys)

Depending on what time you stop by the Roast Hog stall, you might be rewarded with the sights and smells of a whole hog roasting on the spit. These guys go through a TON of roasted pork each day, so by the end of the day there isn’t much left to see. This is one line you definitely want to stand in. A huge handful of roast pork is stuffed into a chewy bun and topped with some arugula.

Nana Fanny’s

Nana Fanny's falafel wraps are a nice light option
Nana Fanny’s falafel wraps are a nice light option (photo by Savored Journeys)

Don’t worry, there are plenty of places for vegetarians to eat at Borough Market too! We really like the falafel bowl and falafel wraps at Nana Fanny’s. It’s not all about falafel here though. On the other side of the stall they’re putting together some pretty amazing salt beef beigels.

Soul Food

Caribbean chicken at Soul Food
Caribbean chicken at Soul Food (photo by Savored Journeys)

Who can resist the aroma of a giant pot of Caribbean chicken bubbling away in front of you? A stop at Soul Food is a really wise choice. The options include jerk chicken and a curried goat served over rice. It’s sweet and spicy, just the way we like it.


Brindisa's famous chorizo roll
Brindisa’s famous chorizo roll (photo via Flickr by Eli Epstein)

While this shop offers all kinds of delicious Spanish products, like Jamon Iberico (which I can never resist) and manchego cheese, it is their famous chorizo roll that really wins over the lunch crowd at Borough Market. It’s stuffed with Spanish chorizo, rocket and roasted peppers.

Bread Ahead

Bread Ahead's jelly-filled donuts
Bread Ahead’s jelly-filled donuts (photo via Flickr by Aurelien Guichard)

I’m not necessarily advocating that you eat donuts for lunch, but let’s say you’re having brunch in Borough Market, then it would be totally acceptable to stop by Bread Ahead and indulge in one of their jelly-filled donuts. Also pick up a ciabata roll or a freshly baked loaf for later.

Hobbs Meat Roast

Hobbs Meat Roast
Hobbs Meat Roast (photo via Flickr by seventyoneplace)

You really need to stop at Hobbs for a roast meat sandwich. They serve roast porkloin with stuffing and apple sauce, turkey breast with stuffing and cranberry sauce, and salt beef with dill pickle and mustard. The line can get really long, but again, totally worth it.


Hash at Borough
Hash at Borough Market (photo by Savored Journeys)

You’ll find Hash at the bottom of the stairs as you enter the market. They sell all kinds of good food, like gumbo, pulled pork and mac ‘n cheese with pulled pork. There are even a few tables nearby where you can hopefully eat while sitting, but don’t bet on it. You probably will never see this few people hanging around the entrance to Borough Market, like this.

Best Sit Down Restaurants in Borough Market

Pork Belly and potatoes at Roast in Borough Market
Pork Belly and potatoes at Roast in Borough Market (photo via Flickr by Tim Regan)

All of the listings above are street food at Borough Market, but there are a lot of sit down restaurants at the market, too, in case you want to take a little more time to enjoy your food and not spill half of it on the sidewalk as you’re walking around.

Here are a few of our favorite sit down restaurants in and around Borough Market:

Tapas Brindisa

If you recall, we’ve already discussed Brindisa, but that was for their street-food-esque chorizo roll, which you can get on the street side of their restaurant. If you go inside, you’ll find all kinds of yummy Spanish tapas to tuck into.

Wright Brothers Oyster & Porter House

Since you’re obviously searching around on the Internet for places to eat lunch at Borough market, you’ve no doubt seen the many pictures of fresh-shucked oysters. Those are from Wright Brothers. They have other seafood dishes too, like the British mainstay Fish & Chips. Another place to try for great seafood is fish!


This is the place to go for a proper Sunday Roast (they have a set 3-course menu on Sundays), but you can order a hearty plate of roast specialty, like roast pork belly and vegetables, any time you want here. It’s a good way to experience the more traditional side of English cuisine.

Tips for Visiting Borough Market

See that photo above? You will be hard pressed to ever find the market with that few people walking around. Usually the market is completely packed with people and it’s difficult to walk around without feeling shoved and jostled from every which way. Here are a few tips that might ease the trauma.

  • Avoid the weekends if at all possible. The market is a lot less crowded during the week days.
  • Check the schedule online before you go so you aren’t disappointed to find a shop you wanted to try is closed. Each stall has its own schedule.
  • Arrive as early as possible. 10am might feel too early to eat lunch, but it’s all about frame of mind. You can at least scope out the stands and decide what you’re going to eat before the hordes set in.
  • Once you’ve gotten your food, head to the outside wall to stand and eat. There are less people on the outside walkway and it’s easier to eat standing up when people aren’t pushing you.
  • Plan to share food as much as possible, so you can try 2-3 dishes before running out of stomach space. Most dishes are full-sized and don’t make it easy to try multiple things.
  • If there’s a long line for something, like Cappacasein, take another food item into that line with you to eat while you’re waiting. Multi-tasking at its best!

As you can see, eating at Borough Market is a challenge, though a really delicious one! You could go back many times and never eat the same thing twice. That’s the ultimate joy of visiting Borough Market. Do you have a favorite food you’ve had at Borough Market? Share with us in the comments!

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Where to Stay Near Borough Market

The part of London where Borough Market can be found also happens to be an awesome place to stay. It’s near just about everything a tourist wants to see in London. You can go anywhere from very luxury to budget in this area, and no matter what you choose, you’ll be within easy walking distance of all the sights, plus dozens of restaurants and bars.

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    I’m a big fan of Brindisa and Wright Bros. And, Roast isn’t too bad. There’s a new pasta restaurant at Borough called Padella – no reservations – it’s getting RAVE reviews so I’m planning a visit very soon

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    I have traveled to London a couple of times, but I don’t think we visited the Borough Market. I think I would probably dine at Wright Brothers Oyster & Porter House because I love freshly-shucked oysters and fish & chips!

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    I’m drooling! I love raclette, which I both make and go out for here at home in France. Then came the roast pig, which just looks so delicious. And the pork belly is one of my favorites! I’m definitely going to have to eat my way through Borough Market next time I’m in London.

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