Meet the Team

Laura Lynch

Founder | Chief Editor

Laura started Savored Journeys with a goal to share her passion for travel with a broader audience. She’s been to 80 countries and counting, with no intention to stop seeing and experiencing the world. She’s has a journalism degree, an advanced wine certification, three published books, and hundreds of articles published in magazines, newspapers, and online.

Nick Lynch

CTO Photography Director

Nick warmed to traveling after meeting Laura in 2009. Since then he’s been to 60 countries and had dozens of really awesome experiences, like meeting the giraffes at Giraffe Manor in Kenya, traveling through India, tasting wine in more than 30 countries, and floating in the Dead Sea. Nick works as a software engineer, but also maintains Savored Journeys and travels with a camera always at the ready.

Angie Morris

Social Media & Project Manager

Angie is a behind the scenes but integral part of the Savored Journeys team. She’s always engaging with our audience on social media, keeping the schedule on track, and planning new projects. Angie lives in Oregon with her family and escapes the cold as often as possible to visit the team in California. She also has a mild obsession with Disneyland.

Chloe Gronow

Writer / Editor

Chloe is a talented writer and editor from the UK. With a passion for travel and a keen eye for detail, she plays a crucial role in keeping our website up to date with engaging content. With her dedication and skill, Chloe brings a unique perspective to the travel industry, making her an invaluable asset to our team.

Jillian Morris

Writer / Editor

Jillian is a dynamic part-time writer and editor on our team. Though she is thoroughly dedicated to the pursuit of her psychology doctorate, she always finds time to balance her academic pursuits with her passion for travel and her commitment to our website, making her a valuable member of our team.