Must-Visit Wineries and Breweries in Costa Brava

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We love trying some of the local libations when visiting a new region and Costa Brava has many. It’s just as much of a part of the culture as the food is. If you’re taking a trip in the Catalonia region of Spain, including Barcelona, you should definitely seek out some of these must-visit wineries and breweries in Costa Brava.

Wine and craft beer are very big in the area, with dozens of producers opening their doors to tourists. You can both tour the brewery/winery and have a tasting at each of the spots we’ve listed in this guide. You will get a feel for the true spirit of Catalonia while visiting these producers.

Catalonia winery

Catalonia has a very strong sense of heritage and culture that seeps through every aspect of life in this region. It is pretty easy to visit the wineries and breweries of Costa Brava.

They aren’t quite as easy to visit as in the U.S., where you can walk into just about any brewery or winery during open hours and do a tasting, but with a little effort, you can (and definitely should) add a few visits to your itinerary. 

Wineries to Visit in Emporda

The Emporda Wine Region in Catalonia is a fantastic place for wine tourism. It’s just an hour and a half drive from Barcelona or 45 minutes from Girona. You’ll need a car to get around the area, as the wineries are quite spread out. Here’s a map of where each is located.

Many of the wineries in the area offer some sort of tourism activity, from tastings and tours to lunches and even concerts among the vines. You do need to make an appointment in advance, which you can usually do on their website or by emailing.

*La Vinyeta

La Vinyeta winery near Peralada
La Vinyeta winery near Peralada (Photo by Savored Journeys)

One of our favorite wineries in Empordà is La Vinyeta. It’s so much more than a winery. They have truly embraced every aspect of the land where their vineyard is planted. They make wine, of course, but they also make honey, vinegar, eggs and various other products that flow naturally from the wine business.

We loved all their wines, but the Mig Mig was a particular favorite, along with the easy drinker, Llavors, which paired perfectly with sausage and cheese from the area. Speaking of perfect pairings, La Vinyeta offers a wine tour and picnic option that is so delicious and only 35 Make an appointment via email here. They also have accommodations, if you want to stay among the vines.

Mas Estella

The wines of Mas Estela
The wines of Mas Estela (Photo by Savored Journeys)

Another favorite winery to visit is Mas Estela. At the winery, you can walk around the vineyards, see the cellar and the aging of the area’s sweet wine, and taste a few of their organic wines. Their Vinya Selva de Mar 2007 and 2008 are fantastic, and such incredible value! Email for an appointment.

By the way, they also have a rental apartment, if you’re interested in staying among the vines. On the way back to Roses or Cadaques, you’ll come across another great winery you should stop at called Perafita by the Martin Faixo family of wines. 

Celler Brugarol (Finca Bell Lloc)

Celler Brugarol
Celler Brugarol (Photo by Savored Journeys)

You cannot find another winery with as unique a design as Celler Brugarol. Designed by a pair of Olot architects, the winery at Finca Bell Lloc is built completely underground. There is very little natural light that pours into the space, to keep the wines in a dark and quiet environment.

As you walk slowly through the maze of steel beams, with only a small runner light to guide your way, you will be stunned at how beautiful and unique it is. You can make an online reservation to visit the winery on their website.

Mas Oller

Like many of the wineries in the Emporda wine region, Mas Oller’s goal is to return to the winemaking traditions of the past with the modern techniques that are now available to them. Their location combines sea and mountain, a concept that is very embraced in Catalonia. 

They have three red varieties: Grenache, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon, and two white varieties: Picapoll and Malvasia de Sitges on their 17 hectares. You can schedule a visit and tasting on their website, as well as see other opportunities available to tourists.

Micro Breweries in Catalonia

There are quite a few micro breweries in Catalonia now, stretching from south of Barcelona to the Pyrenees in the north. This list represents the breweries that we tried that are really worth a visit, both for the beer and for the brewers. Everyone we met was so nice and helpful, and they have a genuine love for what they’re doing.

You have to understand that the beer that is typical to Catalonia for the last few decades, at least, has been mass produced, factory beer like Estrella Damm and Moritz – basically flavorless beer served in little glasses.

The microbrew movement didn’t start to hit the area until the 2000s, and though it’s been slow to take off, it’s definitely changing the way people think about and drink beer in Catalonia.

Cervesa Marina

Marina Brewery in Blanes
Marina Brewery in Blanes (Photo by Savored Journeys)

Marina is located in Blanes along the Costa Brava. It was founded by two brothers who had a love for homebrewing and found they could expand their hobby into a business and start selling their microbrews. They make quite a large selection of beer, from a lighter summer ale to a Devil’s IPA with lots of hoppy bitterness.

They also collaborate often with other companies to make one-time-only special beers. To make an appointment for a walk around the brewery and a tasting in Blanes, email or call in advance. They do speak English. Website

Minera Brewery

Minera brewery's line up of beer
Minera brewery’s line up of beer (Photo by Savored Journeys)

Another venture that was started as a homebrewing hobby has turned into a successful microbrewery. Minera takes its name from the local mining tradition, where many of the townspeople worked. Their logo design came from the old mining company logo. They said they’ve even aged their beer in the mine!

At Minera, you’ll find a hefeweizen, a California ale, and a really delicious English Porter.  Email in advance for an appointment: Their website is all in Catalan, but you can use Google to translate. Website

Lo Vilot

Lo Vilot's beer lineup
Lo Vilot’s beer lineup (Photo by Savored Journeys)

Lo Vilot recognized the need to produce local hops and barley in order to brew beer in Catalonia that stays true to the “0”km slow food movement initiative that requires all ingredients to be from within the region for certification.

Since they weren’t able to find local hops, they decided to begin growing these products themselves with the goal of becoming certified. Their list of beers includes an IPA and a Scottish Ale. To plan a visit, fill out their online contact form. Website.


Montseny's lineup of beer
Montseny’s lineup of beer (Photo by Savored Journeys)

One of the bigger breweries in the area is Montseny. Cervesa del Montseny organizes tours and beer tastings at its microbrewery at Sant Miquel de Balenyà, Seva, in Barcelona on pre-selected Saturdays.

The tour takes you through the brewing process and ends with a tasting and a chance to purchase their beers. And there are quite a few unique beers to try, including the seasonal winter ale, Hivernale. To schedule a visit, sign up on their website.


As you can see, there are plenty of wineries and breweries in Costa Brava to visit. You’ll be able to see first hand the traditions and respect for the heritage and the land that these producers put into their creations by visiting them yourself. Plus, it’s just great wine and beer! Who can ask for anything more.

A big thank you to the Costa Brava Tourism Board for introducing us to these fantastic breweries and wineries throughout Catalonia and the Costa Brava area. See all the coverage of our trip to Costa Brava in Catalunya.

(As always, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own honest reflection of our travel experiences).

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Must-Visit Wineries and Breweries in Costa Brava, in Catalonia, Spain
Must-Visit Wineries and Breweries in Costa Brava, in Catalonia, Spain
Must-Visit Wineries and Breweries in Costa Brava

23 thoughts on “Must-Visit Wineries and Breweries in Costa Brava

  1. Tamara Elliott says:

    Fun ideas! I’ve been reading lots about Costa Brava (mostly about the landscapes/beaches) so it’s good to learn more about it’s culinary/brewery scene as well!

    • Laura Lynch says:

      Tamara – if you’re interested in that area, we have a lot of great content about all aspects of Costa Brava coming out new on the blog. We just spent 3 weeks there and loved every part of it!

  2. Anne Slater-Brooks says:

    What a great guide and definitely inspiration for a weekend of wine tasting. That is such a better description for a weekend away than simply a boozy weekend lol

    • Laura Lynch says:

      Thanks Anne! You have to put a little effort in to visit these places, but it’s so worth it!

  3. Elaine J Masters says:

    I’ve been on wine tours and it’s never possible to visit all the wineries! Even with a half dozen to see in a day or two, consider tastings and spitting and then having a clear enough head to take notes objectively! I don’t know how sommeliers do it!!

    • Laura Lynch says:

      I don’t either, Elaine! They can sometimes taste a hundred wines in a day. Talk about palate fatigue!

  4. Rosemary says:

    This is really interesting. I was familiar with Costa Brava and their reputation for their wines, but had no idea about breweries. This is a great guide. Love your comment about not trying all the wineries/breweries. Better to sample just a few and enjoy them!! Great recommendations 🙂

  5. Mar Pages says:

    You’ve sparked my interest in Celler Brugarol. I wonder how storing the barrels like that would change the quality of the wine? The surge of the micro brewery seems to be a worldwide trend. I know it’s becoming really huge in South Africa too.

    • Laura Lynch says:

      We notice the breweries starting to multiply in many places. As you say, a definitely trend worldwide.

  6. Francesca @onegrloneworld says:

    That’s so cool that the Vinyeta makes honey, vinegar, and eggs! I didn’t realize there were so many (or any really) breweries in Costa Brava. So many great options to visit here!

    • Laura Lynch says:

      Yep, just another fantastic product that Costa Brava is putting out now. As you say, so many great options!

  7. Natalie says:

    Cool! I lived in Barcelona for a year and went to a Cava festival and tasted the wine from time to time. I never knew they were big on microbreweries though. Neat! It makes me want to head back there and check it out 🙂

    • Laura Lynch says:

      Microbreweries are just starting to really catch on in Barcelona and surrounds. It’s a great addition to the already great food scene there.

  8. Indrani says:

    Haven’t been to a winery yet and you show so many of them together. This left me craving for a visit. 🙂
    I guess I better pour out some for myself now.

    • Laura Lynch says:

      If you enjoy wine it’s a great way to get to know the process and try a few. We always enjoy visiting one or two on our trips, if possible.

  9. Trisha Velarmino says:

    A lot of winery to choose from. I think I love La Vinyeta, They have a very fascinating to history to hear. about their vineyard, their businesses and how they’re planning to develop their enterprise into honey and cheese. They have lovely wines, cool setting, and great people. A must visit place in Catalonia.

  10. Pingback: The Perfect 7-Day Costa Brava Itinerary | Savored Journeys

    • Laura Lynch says:

      Hi Shelley. There are some wineries that produce Cava in Costa Brava, like Cava Laviret. Mostly the Cava vineyards are in Priorat though.

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