One of the most important things you can do for your blog, whether it’s brand new or you’ve been working away at it for years, is SEO, or search engine optimization. I know, SEO is probably that thing you always promise yourself you’ll learn, but never find the time to actually do. But you already know that you need to take SEO seriously if you want to really get somewhere with your blog.

It’s unlikely you’ll dramatically increase your traffic, or make much money, if you don’t perform at least a basic level of SEO on your site. If you’ve already got some traffic, but you’re struggling to reliably increase it, the missing piece is SEO. Social media marketing will give a blog post some traction, but SEO will give it longevity and unlimited potential.

I’d like to save you a lot of the time and energy I wasted by offering you a chance to implement my easy on-page SEO strategy that I now use to rank on the first page of Google with almost every article I write. I can assure you that implementing this strategy now will save you a lot of time in the long run.

Secondly, I want to encourage you to go back and implement this strategy on all of your old content. You can start by going to Google Analytics and pulling up a list of your top 30 articles in the last 3 months, and working your way through them all to add the information I’m about to introduce you to. Doing this exact thing boosted my organic search views by 63% in just one month.

Want to know more about SEO? Check out our SEO section for lots more great tips and tricks to boost your rankings in the search engines.

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What is On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is a very important factor in getting your posts ranked at the top of the search results page. You can have success without deliberately implementing this strategy on each post, but if you make it a priority to optimize each of your blog posts with these on-page SEO tactics, you will undoubtedly achieve much more consistent results.

On-page SEO refers to the elements of a post or page that have an influence on page ranking. Search engines have complex algorithms that include over 100 different factors they take into consideration when determining page rank.

You obviously can’t control everything, but there are a few that you can work on that will greatly improve your chances of ranking higher, and they aren’t difficult to do.  The first is keyword research, which we discussed in length in another post. The second is on-page SEO, which is what we’re discussing today. And the third is backlinks, which we’ll discuss more in a future post.

By the way, if you aren’t already using Keysearch, I highly recommend you invest in it as your main keyword tool.  Keysearch does cost a small amount (currently $17/mo), but it’s so worth it. For me, there is no better or easier way to search for keywords.

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My Complete On-Page SEO Strategy

Today, let’s focus on the eight steps I perform every time I write an article. It’s all shown here in this handy little cheat sheet. The infographic below shows each step I take when I publish an article (or when I go back to upgrade an old article).

There is a lot of additional information about each of these steps that we go through in-depth in our Ultimate SEO Guide for Travel Bloggers that will be available for purchase very soon. If you’d like to know when the book comes out, sign up by clicking the button below the graphic and we’ll send you all of our upcoming content on SEO, plus a notice when the book is available.

For now, this infographic will walk you though each of the important steps to on-page SEO. I understand that SEO can be daunting, and it always feels like there’s so much more to learn. But you have to start somewhere, and this is an easy starting point to help you rank higher in the search results today.

Easy 8-Step On-Page SEO Strategy that will bring more traffic to your site
Easy 8-Step On-Page SEO Strategy that will bring more traffic to your site

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Once you’ve read through these instructions, it should be fairly easy to implement these 8 things in your post creation. If you do, I guarantee you’ll see results.

Of course, a lot of things factor into search engine rankings, not just these 8 things. You may have to improve other parts of your website (speed, usability, domain authority) in order to start ranking. That’s what the rest of our SEO series and ebook will help you with.

Patience is required with SEO. Even if all other factors on your site are already optimized, it can take a take up to 6 months for the rankings to start showing your efforts on new sites. And it can take a month or more to reflect changes you’ve made to old content or on a seasoned website. If you’re willing to put in the work now, you’ll be well rewarded in the new future.

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