Niagara Falls is a stunning natural attraction that many travelers can’t wait to see. Not only is it an incredible example of how nature and landscape collide, it’s a destination packed with things to do and see. Add to that the fact that you can stay right next to the waterfalls in hotels like the Marriott On The Falls, where the view for your room is almost enough to keep you indoors forever, and you have a destination that’s both exciting and relaxing. It’s no wonder so many visitors flock to Niagara Falls each year.

As there are so many attractions competing for your attention when planning a trip to Niagara Falls, we wanted to make it easier for your to decide what things to prioritize by giving you a “what not to miss” list. There are numerous tours available that let you experience these majestic waterfalls in a variety of ways. Many require advanced tickets, so make sure to plan ahead.

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Float Right Up to the Falls

See Niagara Falls up close from the deck of a boat
See Niagara Falls up close from the deck of a boat

From the Canadian side of the Falls, take the Hornblower Niagara Cruise. It is a great way to enjoy the river, as well as the actual waterfalls. The boat trip takes you up the river past the waterfalls on the American side and into the gorge that contains the spectacular Horseshoe Fall. Once there you get to go within a few feet of all that roaring water. It is a great way to experience the power and the majesty of the falls.

At certain times of the year, you can enjoy an illumination or fireworks cruise. Being right next to the Falls when they are lit up by colorful lights really is a memorable experience.

Go Behind the Falls

If you want to get even closer, take the Journey Behind the Falls tour. During this tour, you take an elevator 150 feet down into 130-year-old tunnels. From there you can walk out onto a observation deck that puts you behind the Horseshoe Falls and it’s raging stream of water falling at over 40 miles per hour. You’ll need to put on your bright yellow poncho to keep from getting soaked from the mist coming off the falls.

See the Falls from Above

The falls light up at night, creating an impressive view
The falls light up at night, creating an impressive view

As you’ve already seen, there are many observation towers and points from which you can get a bird´s eye view of the Falls. Since the Falls are the main attraction, and no doubt the major reason you visited this area, you should see it from as many angles as possible. One of the best is from above, at the Skylon tower, on the Canadian side. At the Skylon Tower Observation Deck, you’ll be 775 feet above the falls. The deck is so high that you can see 8,000 square miles of Canada and the U.S from this vantage point.

If you like fine dining you will really enjoy the world-class food that is served in the revolving restaurant. Plus, staying for a meal is a great way to enjoy the view for longer. There are a few other attractions to enjoy in the Skylon Tower, including a family fun center, a 3D/4D movie about the falls, and a glass-blowing gallery.

There are many observation decks around the falls
There are many observation decks around the falls

Walk Alongside the Falls

If you’ve ever been white water rafting, then you can probably imagine the power and force of Class 6 rapids. Walking alongside the river will give you an up-close view of just how powerful these rapids are. On the White Water Walk, you’ll be able to walk a quarter mile along the boardwalk that follows the base of the gorge. It gives you a unique view of the rock layers that form the gorge, and you can stop off at viewing platforms for an even closer view of the water raging by. Tickets are approximately $12 for adults.

Panoramic Falls Views

Another fascinating way to see the Falls from a different angle is on the Niagara Skywheel. This Ferris wheel glides up to 175-feet over the Clifton Hill area, and offers breathtaking panoramic views of the falls and the city below. From the ride, you’ll glimpse unique views of both the Horseshoe and American Falls. The gondolas are small, built for 2-4 people, and are fully enclosed and air-conditioned. It’s always best to purchase tickets in advance for the ride so you can skip the line. The ride lasts about 10 minutes. Tickets are approximately $12 for adults.

The Niagara Skywheel isn’t the only tourist attraction located in Clifton Hill. In fact, this area is one of the busiest, because it’s packed with touristy activities. Whether you’ll want to visit any of them is a matter of personal preference, but you can find things like midway games, a wax museum, a mini-golf course, a 6D theater ride, and tons of touristy chain restaurants.
Niagara Skywheel
This photo of Niagara SkyWheel is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Niagara Falls History Museum

After seeing the Falls for yourself, a visit to the Niagara Falls History Museum is a nice way to follow up and learn more. This museum contains exhibits that tell you about the history of the area, it’s people, geology, and industry, as well as the waterfalls themselves.

As you can see, there are many ways to enjoy Niagara Falls from all angles. When planning a trip to Niagara Falls, you can be sure you’ll see it all with these activities. And don’t worry about the views getting old – that’s impossible.

What are your favorite ways to see Niagara Falls? We’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments.

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