Where to Find Seattle’s Best Restaurant Burgers

Palace Kitchen Burger Royale (Photo by Savored Journeys)
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There’s a time for fast-food burgers, and then there’s a time for a more high-end, cooked-to-specification restaurant burger. We’ve tried all of Seattle’s burgers and have designed a list of the best Seattle restaurant burgers to satisfy your cravings.

If you’re looking for a list of Seattle’s best fast food burgers, look no further. We have ranked the 7 top Seattle fast-food burgers, too.

When we say “restaurant” burgers, we mean the top grade, grass-fed beef patty, piled high with toppings, usually including multiple strips of smoky bacon with tons of oozing melted cheese on the top and a heaping pile of top-quality french fries on the plate – and of course, they have to be served in a restaurant setting, ordered from a waiter and delivered to the table.

Thus, here are our recommendations for Seattle’s best restaurant burgers.

Palace Kitchen

Palace Kitchen Burger Royale
Palace Kitchen Burger Royale (Photo by Savored Journeys)

Palace Kitchen, part of the Tom Douglas empire of restaurants, has always been our favorite Seattle high-end burger. There’s nothing about it that we don’t like.

The Palace Royale Burger is a hand-ground Washington chuck burger with a Dahlia bakery bun and a boatload of skinny fries on the side. The burger comes with lettuce, tomato and pickles and your choice of cheese (we always choose cheddar) and you can add your own ketchup.

The best parts of the burger are the freshly-baked bun and the fact that the meat is juicy and flavorful, cooked medium rare. The only disappointing part is that this burger costs $19 (as of this posting), so when ordering 2 burgers and 2 beers for dinner the bill comes to somewhere around $80, which just seems egregious for a couple of burgers.

PRO TIP: If there are two of you, order just one burger and split it (it’s plenty of food!).

Address: 2030 5th Ave. Seattle

Miller’s Guild

Miller's Guild burger
Miller’s Guild burger (Photo by Savored Journeys)

We’ve been hearing about the Miller’s Guild burger for a long time. It’s been growing in epic status for us because it’s so elusive. You can’t get this burger on the dinner menu. You will only find it on the lunch and happy hour menu.

It’s a Wagyu beef burger with thick slices of applewood smoked bacon, fontina cheese, mushrooms and a motoraioli, and it comes with beef-fat fries on the side.

It’s an impressive-looking burger and the price is $18. We thought the bun could use improvement. It wasn’t warmed up at all, so it had difficulty staying together and holding all the ingredients in. A little messy for my taste. The motoraioli didn’t do it for me either. It needs more flavor (add the ketchup!). But it is a great burger, cooked perfectly over the flames!

PRO TIP: Sit at the chef’s counter and definitely order the brussels sprouts!

Address: 612 Stewart St, Seattle

Quinn’s Pub

Quinn's Pub burger
Quinn’s Pub burger (Photo by Savored Journeys)

The burger at Quinn’s Pub is slightly more subdued and orderly than the other burgers on this list, but that doesn’t make it any less tasty. It’s an 8oz Painted Hills beef patty, with bacon, aioli, white cheddar and mayo on a brioche bun with fries on the side. It’s served with a little flag reminding you how you asked for it to be cooked, and we’ve always found it to be spot on.

The good part about this burger is that it can be easily contained within the bun. I like messy burgers, but I don’t want all of the parts to be falling out as I attempt to take a bite. The bun is good and soft. If you like lettuce, tomato and pickles on your burger, you might not like how minimalist this burger is. The burger is currently priced at $17.

Address: 1001 E Pike St, Seattle

8 oz. Burger & Co.

8oz Burger Co Classic Burger
8oz Burger Co Classic Burger

The burgers at 8 oz. Burger & Co are very good and the bun is one of the best of all of Seattle’s burgers. The best thing about 8 oz. Burger is that the burger is not as expensive as the others. And there are multiple locations.

Their house blend patties are made from naturally raised, antibiotic free, hormone free, 100% local black angus from Washington State. The buns are freshly baked 100% organic brioche from a local bakery.

They have around nine burgers on their menu to choose from, including The Classic, with tomato, pickle, white cheddar cheese and a special sauce, and a few specialty burgers like The Hill with arugula, braised Painted Hills short rib, fried shallots, demi glace, fontina, and horseradish Dijon.

Tip: You can build your own burger, so it’s perfect for you each time.

Address: 1401 Broadway in Capitol Hill and 2409 NW Market in Ballard 


rn74 burger

RN74 is a Seattle outpost of Michael Mina’s restaurant empire. It’s one of our favorite places to order a tasting menu in Seattle. Everything is good. Of course, you have to try out the burger there too!

It’s called the RN74 Burger Royale, with 8oz Angus beef, Beecher’s Flagship cheddar and a brioche bun. You can order fries on the side. The price is a $14 for the burger + $3 for bacon. Fries are $5 as a side. You can only order this burger on the happy hour menu.

I love to see melting cheese pouring down the side of my burger, so that’s a very strong point for this burger. The beef is a little dry, even though it’s cooked properly, and the bun is not the best – taste or texture-wise. Regardless, it’s still one of the best restaurant burgers in Seattle.

Tip: Ask them to heat the bun!

An honorable mention goes to:


Eureka's Cowboy burger
Eureka’s Cowboy burger (Photo by Savored Journeys)

Located in University Village, Eureka! is a great place to get a burger in Seattle. It doesn’t make the main list because it is technically a chain restaurant with locations in other cities, and we didn’t want to include chains in the list. But, if you’re looking for a delicious burger, you should still know about this option.

The Original Eureka burger is a good place to start with smoked gouda, lettuce, tomato and special sauce. You can add bacon or an egg. Or you could go for one of their specialty burgers. We really like the Cowboy Burger. When I was linking to their site, I saw that they currently have a Bone Marrow burger as a limited time special. So see, you can get some really great burgers at Eureka!

Address: 2614 NE 46th Street, Seattle


So many great burgers in Seattle, it’s hard to pick just one, but these are definitely the top five burgers you can find at restaurants around Seattle.

Tell us about your favorite Seattle burger in the comments below.

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Here are Seattle's Best Restaurant Burgers
Here are Seattle’s Best Restaurant Burgers
Where to Find Seattle’s Best Restaurant Burgers

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