Who doesn’t love Paris? It’s been called many things by travelers, like The City of Lights, the most romantic city on earth, the food capital of the world, etc. I think it’s all of those things too, but most of all Paris is what you make it. I’ve heard people say they love Paris, and that they hate Paris. What do you think? Have you explored Paris yet?

The best part about Paris is that it’s seemingly never ending and full of surprises. You can go to the major attractions, climb the Eiffel Tower and eat crepes all day, or you can push all that tourist stuff aside and explore the more real sides of Paris, of which you’ll find many.

Here is your one-stop, shortcut travel guide to Paris — all the best hotels, neighborhoods, things to do, and places to eat and drink in the City of Lights.

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Where to Stay in Paris

Since there are many neighborhoods (arrondissements) in Paris where you can choose to stay, it’s difficult to give a one-size-fits-all answer to where to stay in Paris. We like to stay in different parts of the city every time we visit to see it from a different perspective. That said, we do have a few favorites.

Here are our recommendations for where to stay in Paris. You can use any of these links to read reviews or book your stay in Paris. (They are affiliate links, which help keep this site up. We always appreciate your help).

Shortcut Travel Guide to Paris

Shortcut City Guide to Paris
Shortcut City Guide to Paris

6 thoughts on “Shortcut Travel Guide to Paris

  1. Megan Norman says:

    Hi Laura! I am so glad to have found your site. Could you help me come up with an itinerary for Paris in a day. LOL – but I’m serious.
    We want to hit your 5 main attractions and go to Palace of Versailles. Any help would be much appreciated. We arrive on Friday afternoon and leave Sunday morning. We are trying to get it all in, in such a small amount of time.

    Thank you!

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