Ever wondered what it would be like to experience the French Quarter in New Orleans for yourself? You’ve heard about Mardi Gras and all the music and fun that takes place on Bourbon Street. You’ve heard about the delicious food and cocktails in New Orleans. Now it’s time to visit!

Here’s a one-stop guide to the French Quarter of New Orleans that will help you discover the best hotels, things to do, and places to eat and drink in the French Quarter.

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Where to Stay in the French Quarter of New Orleans

Finding the right hotel in New Orleans comes down to whether you want to be right in the middle of the action, or slightly outside of the action. It can get noisy and crazy, and all kinds of fun, on Bourbon Street, but if you don’t want to be that close, at least stay within walking distance, so getting to the restaurants listed above is reasonable. All of our recommended hotels are with a few blocks of the action.

You can use any of these links to read hotel reviews, check prices or book your stay in New Orleans (they are affiliate links, which help us keep the lights on around here):

Guide to the French Quarter, New Orleans

A shortcut guide to the French Quarter in New Orleans
A shortcut guide to the French Quarter in New Orleans

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31 thoughts on “A Shortcut Guide to the French Quarter

  1. Paul (The Travelling Boomer) says:

    Now you made me want to go back to Nawlins and have some beignets and those deep-fried shrimp. NOLA is one of the great cities of North America, and it would be worth a visit even without the walk-around Hurricane cocktails 😉

  2. Jocelyn says:

    I went to NOLA this past January for work and got to stay at Hotel Monteleone…it was lovely. And Cafe Beignet is right next door. I liked the size of their beignets better than Cafe du Monde, but the taste of the du Monde ones were better.

    I so want some right now 🙂

    • Laura Lynch says:

      Yes, Hotel Monteleone is great! We went to the Cafe Beignet too but I didn’t like the texture of their beignets as well. They’re a little more dense. I like the light and fluffy ones.

  3. Stacey Valle says:

    You know what! You just reminded me about this place! I made a goal to fly out on the weekend in domestic country since I go to work and school now. I have few cities in mind but completely forgot about this place! Ahhh, this is making me excited now! haha, thanks for this post!

  4. Dawn Kealing says:

    Wow, this is brilliant! It’s most definitely a huge help when it comes to exploring New Orleans! Thanks for all the info, the cafe sounds amazing, definitely a ‘Don’t Miss’!!

  5. Erica says:

    Laura, I might have to print this out. New Orleans has been on my list for the longest time (especially after watching the movie Chef) and I think when I visit my mom in Texas this year, I’m going to drag my family on a road trip there! Thanks for this!

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