Shortcut Travel Guide to Luxembourg City [Infographic]

Luxembourg might not be the first European destination that comes to mind, but to overlook it as a travel destination would be a huge mistake. Luxembourg City is like many small European cities in that the mostly pedestrian streets lead you past quaint, traditional restaurants and charming cafes packed with locals enjoying a coffee and some people watching.

Once you’ve discovered a bit of the city, the rest of Luxembourg is just as easy to explore, and it’s full of castles, vineyards and rolling hills just begging to be explored.

If you’re thinking about a trip to Luxembourg, check out our one-stop travel guide to Luxembourg City for the best places to stay, things to do, and places to eat and drink.

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Where to Stay in Luxembourg City

While there is a lot to explore in Luxembourg, and it’s all quite easy to get to, thanks to the compact nature of the country, the best launching point is Luxembourg City. We recommend staying in the city for a few days to become familiar with all of its offerings, before heading out into the countryside.

The heart of the city is very walkable and easy to get around, but there aren’t many hotels directly in the center. We recommend booking a hotel just across the bridge, which is just an easy 10-minute walk and offers a fantastic view of the city.

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For more hotel choices, check out these Hotels in Luxembourg City, Luxembourg.

Travel Guide to Luxembourg City

Luxembourg Travel Guide
Luxembourg Travel Guide

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Shortcut Travel Guide to Luxembourg City [Infographic]

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