Top Culinary Trends in New York City

Culinary trends in New York City
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There’s a reason New York City is called the city that never sleeps. Amidst of all the fun, style, action and sights to see, there are plenty of restaurants to visit, where you can experience a whole new part of NYC. The eating culture in New York is getting more famous worldwide every day, and for a good reason. If you want to surprise and treat your palate with a wide array of tasty foods and drinks, NYC is the place for you. In case you’re interested in the most popular current food trends that New York has to offer, keep on reading.

Japanese cuisine with a twist

We love sushi, but how abut some Japanese/Mexican fusion?
We love sushi, but how abut some Japanese/Mexican fusion? (Image CC2.0)

It’s relatively easy to get a taste of Asian cuisine in NYC. However, as one gets used to this particular tummy treat, it’s not uncommon to believe that there’s nothing else to surprise you. Well, some restaurants took this opportunity to make a truly special and superb mix that features Asian-inspired cuisine fused together with some other specialties. Such a restaurant is the famous YO! which caters to the lovers of Japanese and Mexican cuisine by fusing the two together in impeccable and satisfying meals of an outstanding taste.

Feed the inner child

Black Tap's creative milkshakes
Black Tap’s creative milkshakes (Photo CC2.0)

Ever felt like it is a bit unfair that sweet and tasty milk shakes filled with fruit, chocolates and ice cream are always meant for kids? Well, the a lasting trend in NYC culinary world is a place called Black Tap and they put these sweet delights right on the top of the menu for adults as well. There’s no reason to feel embarrassed when ordering or to wait in line for long when you can get the dessert quickly without having to act like it’s for your kid. Everyone loves a good dessert, especially if it has that familiar childhood taste to it, and NYC is filled with restaurants ready to bring that spark back into your life.

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A truly relaxing yet uplifting cup of coffee

Let coffee lift your spirits
Let coffee lift your spirits (Photo CC2.0)

It’s true that busy New Yorkers will always have the need for quick and strong coffee. However, for those souls who want to experience a true beauty in a cup of coffee, River Coyote on the Lower East Side is definitely a great place to check out. Not only will you get a taste of true coffee, straight from the Brazilian farms, but you’ll also get to enjoy the feeling of sipping coffee at peace, without fuss or hurry. More and more places in NYC try to support this coffee ritual, so if you’re tired of gulping down your lattes, definitely check these out.

Mixology catering

Why not hire a mixologist for your next party?
Why not hire a mixologist for your next party? (Photo CC2.0)

Combining great food and even greater cocktails have always been a part of NYC charm, but these days, this is apparent more than ever. Well, now you have the possibility to get the best of both worlds with one service only. What you need is one of the rare catering companies in NYC that prepares both craft cocktails and amazing food, and pairs them flawlessly. An elaborate menu prepared for all kinds of events together with top-quality, fresh cocktail ingredients and a whole theatrical bartender experience are a must if you long for the old New York glamour.

Check the pasta

You may think that there’s little to do in order to make your usual pasta more special and interesting. However, NYC restaurants have managed to take pasta preparation to another level. Essentially, you can find amazing pasta twists all over New York, but one of the most popular is undoubtedly the Maccheroni alla Mugnaia, served at Allora Ristorante in Manhattan. If you want to get a taste of this amazing dish, you better hurry since the serving is so large that they only make six of them a day. These days, pasta is not just about the taste but the artistic touch as well.

The world of ice cream

Yam ice cream anyone?
Yam ice cream anyone? (Photo CC2.0)

Ice cream has become one of the favorite after-meal desserts in NYC. It’s light, refreshing and sweet, so it’s no wonder that NYC is flooded with various ice-cream delights on every corner. However, one specific type of ice cream is definitely becoming the most popular and it’s no other than Ube ice cream, made of purple yam! This is actually a Filipino dessert and it’s served on top of the shaved ice together with red bean, coconut jelly, tapioca, jackfruit and flan. Also, these days, you can easily find vegan ice cream in New York. There are plenty of dairy-free sweet shops that will tickle your palate in the healthiest way!


As mentioned, there’s just so much to see and try when in NYC, which is why this beautiful city can be a bit overwhelming. If you want to enjoy your stay in NYC to the fullest and make the most of your visit, definitely do your own research and create an itinerary around these culinary trends in New York City. That way, you’ll know exactly what you want to eat and drink, so you can actually organize your days around the must-visit restaurants and cafes that you personally chose.

Top Culinary Trends in New York City

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