There’s a reason that Denmark is ranked among the happiest countries in the World, and some of that joy surely transfers to tourists when they visit Copenhagen. It’s a very welcoming city, with many iconic tourist attractions that are hard to resist. Add to that the great food you’ll find in Copenhagen, like the New Nordic Cuisine movement that has been putting local restaurants on the global scene for many years.

If Copenhagen hasn’t made made it onto your must-see list yet, we’ve got the travel guide that will change your mind and have you planning a visit to Copenhagen in the near future. Our handy infographic travel will show you the best places to stay, things to do and where to eat and drink in the city.

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Where to Stay in Copenhagen

Want to get a headstart on your planning? Here are three affordable luxury hotels in Copenhagen that we recommend. Public transportation in Copenhagen is very useful for getting around to all parts of the city, so don’t think you need to stay in the City Center to see everything. In fact, things are a bit too spread out to walk everywhere, so a bus or bike rental will be necessary anyway.

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Travel Guide to Copenhagen

Travel guide to Copenhagen Denmark
Travel guide to Copenhagen Denmark

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    This is great! I’m traveling to Copenhagen tomorrow and I have starred this post on my phone so i can make sure to stop by some of these places! Thank you for sharing. x michelle

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