Most of us (especially those reading this blog) are probably pretty experienced travelers, but have you ever tried to take a long trip with your dog in tow? It can be a total hassle.

For one thing, there are rules and regulations pretty much everywhere. If you enjoy taking long trips with lots of stops, you may run into a different set of rules at pretty much every destination.

And you’ll almost certainly encounter rules for every method of travel—especially with airlines. Most airlines have their own sets of rules regarding traveling with dogs, and they can be pretty annoying. For example, did you know that airlines reserve the right to turn dogs away for any reason (although they usually do so when a dog looks scared, stressed out, sick, or aggressive)? You also might not know that you’re required to arrive two hours before your flight.

Here’s the point: it’s very easy to miss all the fine print, and knowing the rules is important.

Aside from all the regulatory mumbo-jumbo, however, there are certainly some good ways to simply make traveling with your dog a bit easier.

For instance, if you’ve got a dog who gets sick on road trips (which makes them a lot less fun, believe me), try packing a few familiar blankets for them to cuddle with on the road. Lots of times, car sickness in dogs is caused by anxiety, so surrounding your pup with familiar smells could calm them down and reduce road-trip tummy troubles.

Here’s a cool little infographic with all the essential information you need to know before traveling with your dog. If you want to see the detailed list of puppy-travel hacks, this infographic is from the dog travel guide on HerePup, so feel free to check it out!

Traveling with your dog in Europe? Here’s the only guide you’ll ever need.

How to Travel With Your Dog (Infographic by HerePub)
How to Travel With Your Dog (Infographic by HerePub)

Have you ever traveled with your dog? We’d love to hear what tips and tricks you’ve learned from the experience?


Perrin is a blogger and freelance writer who lives and works out of Chicago with his “pack”: his wife, Michelle, and their little dog, Chewie. When he’s not tied up at home, he’s taking the pack on as many travel adventures as they can handle!

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