What to Do in Bali: The Best Things to Do, See and Taste

Bali Indonesia
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Discover the many things to do, eat and eat in Bali, Indonesia
Discover the many things to do, eat and eat in Bali, Indonesia

Bali is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, so much so that its economy is 80% based on tourism. This province and island in Indonesia are more than just gorgeous beaches and romantic sunsets, however. Once you arrive at Bali, or one of its neighboring islands, you will feel compelled to see what all there is to do there.

If you plan to go to Bali, here are some of the essential things to do, see and taste. We won’t leave you wondering what to do in Bali on this vacation!

Things To Do in Bali

There are so many things to do in Bali that simple sunbathing and swimming are put to shame. Among those are hiking and its more rigorous version – trekking. The gorgeous landscape full of mountainous terrain and rich jungles is perfect to take some time off and experience the unique environment of Bali province.

These activities are a wonderful way to see Bali villages and rice fields. Mount Agung is one of the most famous places for hiking and trekking. Since the weather is a bit tricky, bring some warm and waterproof clothes due to the rains in this area. From the Munduk village, you can take the trail which leads to the Banyan tree, waterfalls and passes by the rice fields.

Bali rice fields
Bali rice fields

Mount Batur is a volcanic mountain with a beautiful lake of the same name that draws everyone’s attention. The climb from the lake Batur to the 1717m high top will require some stamina, so this is recommended to those fit enough for the challenge.

Bratan Lake makes up the area under the Mount Catur and is usually covered in mist during the day. The cooler climate here is refreshing and many Balinese like to spend their free time here. Since the mist makes this location look mystical, the tourists like to come here and visit Pura Ulun Danu Bratan, the biggest Shaivite water temple in Bali.

When it comes to water attractions in Bali, you can visit some of the water parks like Waterbom, Circus Waterpark or Finns Beach Club. If you are more for the water sports, then activities like surfing are perfect for you. This is one of the main sports at most beaches and at resort areas. For beginners, the beach at Padang Padang Right is the most appropriate spot, while its neighbouring Padang Padang Left is for more experienced surfers.

The islands of Bali

Kuta is another popular surfing location in Bali, although you can also enjoy fun nightlife scene during the season here. The best place for snorkelling in Bali is Menjangan Island where you can see extraordinary marine life and corals. Mimpang, Biaha and Pasir Putih are also ideal spots for this sport where you can see bigger fish like mola mola, tuna and sharks. If you want to see and experience all these attractions and expand your vacation search for cheap Bali villas and prepare to create wonderful memories.

Nightlife offer in Bali is also something to experience. The most popular nightlife is on the beaches, of course. At Kuta, you can even go to international music events, while Seminyak and Legian are other places to try.

Sky Dome Super Club in Jalan Legian, Mirror Bali Lounge and Club in Jalan Camplung Tanduk and Pyramid Club Bali in Jalan Dewi Sri are only some of the hot and trendy places. If you are more for open space, then try one of the beach clubs like Mozaic, Ku De Ta or Cocoon where you can witness amazing tropical sunsets and sunrises while dancing and having fun.

Things to See in Bali

If you are there around March 18, don’t be surprised if everyone wishes you “Happy New Year”. This can happen after Nyepi or “Day of the Silence” which is a Hindu holiday when Balinese people use for meditation and fasting. Moreover, the Balinese New Year is a six-day celebration starting two days before the Nyepi.

This is the time when everything stops in Bali even the flights in or out. As a tourist, your hotel won’t be under strict rules like no-lights custom, but the windows will be covered and the staff scarce. However, Ogoh-Ogoh parades on Nyepi Eve are something to see. Everyone comes outside and joins the procession to make as much noise as they can to chase away evil. The people carry the giant status of demons used to represent negative elements.

Since Balinese culture is created around Hindu religion and beliefs, the temples are something not to miss. Pura Besakih is the oldest and largest one consisting of 23 smaller temples built on the six terraced levels on Mount Agung. Pura Tanah Lot is one of the most popular because it’s standing on the cliff overlooking the Bali Sea. It’s a busy location for many want to come and enjoy the spectacular sunset over the horizon.

Pura Tirta Empul hot springsPura Tirta Empul has the holy water springs which attract the locals and foreign visitors. It is believed that if you bathe in these springs all your worries will disappear. Another interesting thing to see is the black sand beaches. This province is full of amazing white sand beaches surrounded by palms and clear, blue and turquoise waters. However, due to the volcanic activity, Bali has amazing black volcanic sand beaches which you must see, like the one at Lovina or under the Rambut Siwi temple.

Things to Taste in Bali

No matter where you are staying in Bali, you can count on the wonderful tastes and scents of the cuisine.  You will find here authentic cuisine, but also local coffee and cocktails.

Babi Guling known as Balinese Suckling Pig is the perfect dish for those looking to try tasty pork among the Asian cuisine. The crispy-skinned meat seasoned with local herbs and spices is served on rice with added cooked vegetables and sausage. Pork lovers will also like barbecued ribs which are marinated, then slowly cooked on charcoal which gives them a juicy and smoked texture.

Indonesian food

In the morning, you can have a cup of the local Kopi which is coffee in Balinese. It is unlike anything you tried before since it’s grown on the volcanic soil in the northeastern region. To the surprise of many tourists, Bali is famous for its ice creams and gelatos. You can try this icy dessert made of red dragon fruit, lychee, lemongrass and soursop.

Duck is also something to look forward to trying in Bali. Bebek Goreng or Betutu, which means fried or smoked duck, are only some variations of this poultry dishes. The first one is prepared by seasoning and steaming the duck then deep-frying it. The second one is smoked for 24 hours after it’s marinated and wrapped with seasoning.

Enjoying the water in Bali

Final thoughts

Bali offers expected and unexpected wonders which will charm you on the sport. There are so many things to do, see and taste in Bali that you will certainly come back for another round.

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What to Do in Bali: The Best Things to Do, See and Taste

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