What and Where to Eat in Krakow, Poland

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Krakow is an interesting city to visit, with its enormous old town square, beautiful castle, and incredible history. The food scene is not to be overlooked as another great aspect of the city that makes it such a great travel destination.

If you’re looking forward to trying some of these dishes during your trip to Krakow, we’ve got the info you need about what and where to eat in Krakow.

Krakow city streets

We encourage you to try as much of the local food as possible. Krakow has a lot of international food choices that are enticing to visitors, but all the wonderful Polish restaurants should come first on your itinerary. We’ll help you find the good ones, so you can avoid the tourist food that often leads to disappointment.

What Should I Order?

Below, you’ll find some of the top Polish foods you should try in Krakow. Many of these are ubiquitous at the restaurants in the old town center.

Check the menu before deciding where to go, and steer clear of restaurants on the main square that have large picture menu board.

Where to Find It: Zalewajka Restaurant (in the Kazimierz neighborhood). Wąska 2, 33-332

Where to Find It: Introligatornia Smaku (in the Kazimierz neighborhood). Jozefa 20, Krakow 31-056 and Zalewajka Restaurant.

Where to Find It: Pod Baranem, Świętej Gertrudy 21, 31-049 and Zalewajka Restaurant.

Where to Find It: Ambasada Sledzia, Stolarska 8/10

Where to Find It: Art Restaurant, Kanonicza 15, 33-332

Where to Find It: Morela Restaurant, Stolarska 13, 31-043

Where to Find It: Wodka Bar, Mikołajska 5, 31-027 and Sklep Szambelan, Bracka 9, 30-005

Where to Find It: Miejscowka (Trzechi Kumpli craft beer), Józefińska 4, 30-529 and Ursa Maior, Plac Wolnica 10, 31-060

Where to Find It: Winnica Srebrna Góra and Winnica Jura – you can find both of these wines on some restaurant menus as well as in the old town square on weekends when the wine booths are open and at Tango House B&B.

Where to Eat in Krakow

There are so many restaurants to choose from in the city. Even if you only choose from the restaurants in the old town center, it can be overwhelming. But you don’t need to worry about all of the choices, because we’re going to narrow them down for you to a few that we really enjoyed and recommend.

Art Restaurant

Art Restaurant in Krakow

Located on Kanoniczna Street between the castle and the old town square in one of the beautiful old buildings that line the street is Art Restaurant, winner of a World Luxury Restaurants Award 2018.

With incredibly talented (and young) Executive and Head Chefs running the kitchen, Art Restaurant is one of the best places to dine in Krakow. Their mission is to provide a modern outlook on Polish cuisine and that’s exactly what they deliver.

Both the indoor and outdoor seating areas are perfect for a relaxing meal, accompanied by professional service. We had the pleasure of eating outside in the garden and it felt like a little escape from the hustle of activity just outside the doors.

It was a great space to unwind and enjoy an exceptional meal. I highly recommend the 5-course chef’s lunch or 7-course chef’s dinner. The food will blow you away.

Zalewajka Restaurant

Zalewajka Restaurant

It’s a really good idea to get outside the Old City Square for a walk around the Kazimierz neighborhood (Jewish quarter). There are many nice restaurants to try in this neighborhood. We would strongly avoid many of the restaurants in the Szeroka square.

Just a few streets away there’s Zalewajka Restaurant, which provides a much higher quality of food, with a nice atmosphere. You can choose from Polish favorites on the menu, like their delicious soups, variety of pierogi, and main dishes (go for the pork ribs!).

Or you can choose the 5-course chef’s meal, which includes a little bit of everything, plus a glass or bottle of wine. That’s how we did it and it was perfect.

Ambasada Sledzia

Ambasada Sledzia

When you’re looking for a snack, but still want to keep it Polish, there’s nowhere else you should go but Ambasada Sledzia. This small herring and vodka bar is located in a row of restaurants with a really fun vibe.

You can order a mixed plate of herring and some drinks and sit outside with the locals. It’s a great way to spend a few hours in the afternoon. There are other things on the menu in case you don’t like herring.

Andrus Food Truck

Andrus food truck

Another great find in the Kazimierz neighborhood is the food trucks located at Świętego Wawrzyńca 16. It’s just a small parking lot with about 8 different food trucks and stands, but there are some really great options to choose from, including the Andrus food truck.

We were informed by our Krakow food guide that Andrus’ Maczanka Krakowska sandwich is the grandfather of the hamburger. Whether you believe that or not, these shredded meat sandwiches are definitely worth the trip to try.

Sklep Szambelan Vodka Tasting

Vodka tasting

Flavored vodkas have been served in Krakow for many centuries. It’s a tradition that you should definitely get on board with. These vodkas are lower in alcohol than you might expect. It’s not like taking a shot of 80 proof Smirnoff. The milder alcohol content allows you to try a few flavors without going overboard.

There are two really great options for vodka tasting in Krakow, but we really like Sklep Szambelan. It’s located just a few streets from the main square and there are dozens of flavors to choose from. If you want to take some home, just pick your bottle and get it filled up.

Where to Stay in Krakow

Frequently Asked Questions on Restaurants in Krakow

Are there food markets in Krakow?

Yes, the “Stary Kleparz” market is a great place to explore local produce, meats, and traditional Polish snacks. For a broader range of street food, head to “Kazimierz Food Market,” offering a variety of international and Polish options.

Are there food tours available in Krakow?

Yes, several companies offer food tours, allowing you to explore the city’s culinary scene with a local guide. “Krakow Urban Adventures” and “Eat Polska” are popular choices.

What’s the best time to try Krakow’s street food?

The best time to explore street food is during the evenings, especially in places like the Jewish Quarter or near the Main Square. You’ll find a lively atmosphere and a variety of street vendors offering delicious snacks.

What are some traditional Polish dishes I must try in Krakow?

Krakow offers a rich culinary experience. Some must-try traditional Polish dishes include Pierogi (dumplings), Bigos (hunter’s stew), Kielbasa (sausage), and Zurek (sour rye soup). Don’t forget to try Oscypek, a smoked cheese made from sheep’s milk.


If you’re in Krakow for a few days, you can fill your meals with the dishes and restaurants above. We know you’ll leave the city with a feeling that the food scene is definitely changing and burgeoning. If you try some restaurants that are not on our list, let us know where you went and what you loved about it.

Note: A big thank you to the Polish Tourism Organization for helping us find the best places to eat in Krakow. Also thank you to Symon Gatlik of Krakow Food and Travel.

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What and Where to Eat in Krakow, Poland

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