Best Wrinkle-Free Travel Clothing for Men

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When it comes time to purchase new travel clothing, you want them to be comfortable and easy to wear. You aren’t going to pack something that wrinkles quickly and needs a lot of extra care, because – well, who has the time for that?

This post will cut out all the fuss about what to pack. We’ve found some of the best wrinkle-free travel clothing for men to throw in their suitcases without worrying about it.

Arc'teryx travel shirt

One thing we’ve found to be true is that it’s not that easy to find good travel clothes. The material is especially important because it needs to be quick drying and able to take on various weather conditions.

We’ve field tested quite a few travel clothes over the years and have found that it generally comes down to one thing – quality.

If the brand you buy doesn’t hold up to the test, it’s not really worth spending your money on. Below, we’ll tell you our favorite brands and how we go about finding those few great pieces of clothing you must have in your travel wardrobe.

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Best Travel Clothes for Men

We’ve written full reviews of each of our top choices for you to see exactly why we chose them. You can click each of the sections below to jump down to our full review of each.

How to Choose the Best Travel Clothes for Men

As mentioned, we’ve tested quite a few different brands looking for the best travel clothing for men and, in the end, the decision comes down to just five things:


This category includes things like the feel of the fabric (scratchy and irritating is a no go), breath-ability, moisture-wicking, flexibility and fabric weight.


You don’t want to end up with a travel wardrobe that looks like you pulled a bunch of stuff out of your dad’s closet. Travel clothing doesn’t have to be that way. Steer clear of the convertible pants and you’ll be fine!


When you’re out traveling, there are all kinds of activities you’ll put these clothes through – they have to hold up to rock climbing, hiking, bungee jumping, etc. 


They have to be wrinkle-proof, quick drying, and have enough pockets to hold everything – oh, and the pockets have to be deep enough that your cell phone and wallet don’t fall out when you sit down – preferably with zippers.

Best Travel Clothing Brands

Just because a brand is known to make travel clothing doesn’t mean it makes great travel clothing or that their entire line is good. We’ve had pants we love from one company, but end up hating their shirts. These are the brands we’ve found that have the most reliably good clothing.

With some, like Bluffworks, you can have total piece of mind that the clothes will always be top of the line in quality and value.

Mens Travel Shirts

A2B Polo Shirt – Arc’teryx

Polo shirt for men

This A2B Polo Shirt from Arc’teryx pairs easily with just about any pants. One of the best features of this shirt is how lightweight it is. The fit was designed to be flexible for an active lifestyle, so it’s a bit longer than usual to allow for a large range of movement.

The material is a polyester wool blend that allows for moisture to escape, while it resists odour. It comes in 4 colors and I think they all look very nice with the Abbott pants (mentioned below).

If you pack these pieces together, you’ve already got a great start to a versatile (and lightweight) wardrobe for travel.

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Aviator Air-Dry Polo Shirt

Aviator is one of my favorite travel clothing brands. They really care about the fabric and the feel of the clothing during wear.

Their Merino Wool Air Dry Polo shirt is moisture wicking, wrinkle resisting, breathable, and antimicrobial, which makes it a perfect travel shirt that you don’t have to worry about when on the road. It’s a soft and very lightweight Merino wool, which is a renewable resource.

Aviator sources their wool from New Zealand because of their strict laws protecting their sheep. New Zealand Merino’s are treated ethically and are carefully sheered each spring.

This pool looks really good on and can be dressed up or down so you don’t have to pack so many things. This polo also goes very well with Aviator’s travel jeans. See our full review of their jeans.

The polo comes in four colors – black, navy, red, and white. If you need to wash it during a trip, it dries extremely fast and doesn’t wrinkle. Great alternative to technical polos that look too sporty. This polo will streamline your packing.

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Bluffworks Performance T-Shirt

bluffworks tshirt

If you don’t already have a Bluffworks travel capsule wardrobe, I don’t know what you’re waiting for. They’ve just added a performance t-shirt to the collection, and it’s exactly the type of t-shirt you want for travel. It’s moisture-wicking, quick-dry, and has odor-resistant technology so you can wear it with confidence, no matter what you’re doing.

My favorite thing about it is how soft and moveable it is. The material is a 66% Polyester, 29% Lyocell, and 5% Elastane blend that gives it it’s super powers. It also offers UPF 50+ sun protection. It comes in 5 colors, both crew neck and V-neck.

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Skyline Shirt – Arc’teryx

Skyline shirt

The second shirt I recommend for your travel wardrobe is the skyline button-up shirt from Arc’teryx. It comes in both long sleeves and short sleeves. Like the other shirt above, this one is also made of a really lightweight material that is wrinkle-resistant and offers all the great performance benefits like moisture wicking and temperature regulation.

The great thing about this shirt is that it looks very nice. It’s trim-fitted with clean lines and no identifying features that call it out as a performance shirt. It dresses up the Abbott pants really nicely and looks good under a great travel blazer for nicer restaurants. The shirt comes in 3 colors.

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Bluffworks Wrinkle-Free Dress Shirt

Nick in Bluffworks shirt ordering dinner

Like the rest of the Bluffworks clothing line, the dress shirt is wrinkle-free, machine-washable and well-designed. Not only is it wrinkle-free, it’s also breathable, so I don’t end up sweating as much. Let’s face it, one of the worst part of wearing dress shirts is that they’re stuffy and restricting. When your shirt starts showing pit sweat, you’ve lost the battle.

This shirt isn’t cotton, though. It’s made with a 98% technical, breathable quick-dry polyester. That means it’s more like a sports shirt than a dress shirt. The classic fit shirt looks good on and provides a good range of motion. They have a tailored fit too.

The pattern and colors of the shirt match both the Bluehour Classic Fit blazer and the charcoal Chino pants, that I have. Even though they’re all different colors, they look nice together.  I thought the shirt might be a bit much for my casual office, but it wasn’t.

Whenever it’s too warm out for long sleeves, I just rolled up the sleeves. When I rolled the sleeves down later on, they aren’t crumpled from having been rolled up for so long.

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Bluffworks Jeans

I have a pair of the Departure travel jeans from Bluffworks. These are probably the best pair of jeans I’ve had in years. They fit very well – being neither too baggy nor too tight, with just the right amount of stretch and flexibility to be comfortable and stylish at the same time.

They look really great on. You wouldn’t be able to tell them apart from a typical pair of jeans.

They’re made with a special cotton polyester blend that looks just like traditional jeans but acts like a great pair of travel pants – lightweight, breathable and fast drying.

Plus, they have hidden pockets! There’s the five classic jean pockets, plus two hidden, zippered pockets in the back waistband. One is even big enough to store a phone or passport and it’s water-resistant!

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Aviator Jeans

(“The best travel jeans in the world” – USAToday)

Aviator summer travel jeans for men

These are probably the best pair of travel jeans I’ve had in years. They fit very well – being neither too baggy nor too tight, with just the right amount of stretch and flexibility to be comfortable and stylish at the same time. 

They are made to be lightweight, breathable and fast drying. In summer weather, I rarely ever wears jeans because they are too hot and constricting, but I doesn’t mind wearing these Aviator jeans, because of their breath-ability. There are two pockets that are zipper protected and hidden away inside other pockets.

You can easily store your valuables in these pockets. One of them is even large enough for your passport. The front and back pockets of the jeans both are large enough to fit a Kindle.

One of the worries I have about jeans is that they’ll stretch out of shape and start to fit awkwardly while traveling. But I find that the material recovers well and doesn’t stretch out too much. Aviator jeans come in a straight and original fit and eight colors: Dark Indigo, Medium Indigo, Faded Indigo, Jet-Setter Black, Khaki, Camo, Navy, and Steel.

They are made in a family-run factory in Los Angeles. If you order the wrong size, it’s not a problem. You can return them for a new size. Worldwide shipping is available.

⇒ Read our full review of these jeans here.

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Mens Travel Pants

Abbott Pants – Arc’teryx

Abbott mens pants

These pants are the perfect combination for both active wear and evening wear. Aside from the small logo on the front of the leg, you really can’t tell these are technical pants. They pair well with both active casual shirts and dressier shirts.

The material is very soft to the touch, but it’ s durable. It’s also water and stain resistant, which is always a good thing when traveling. There’s a good stretch to these pants, so they’re comfortable to wear on the airplane, while hiking, or just for casual walking around. They don’t seem to stretch out with extended wear.

For pockets, there are two in front and two in back. I was worried about the zippered thigh pocket, but you really don’t notice it and it provides a great place to store your phone. They come in two colors: pilot grey and tui blue.

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Bluffworks Men Travel Pants

Men's chino pants
(Image via Bluffworks)

Bluffworks Chino pants are made from a quick-dry polyester that looks and feels like cotton, but has a bit of stretch and is wrinkle resistant. These are just the kind of pants I need for travel. I can fold them up in my suitcase (they’re really lightweight!), then pull them out and wear them immediately without worrying about wrinkles.

They are comfortable, flexible and, most importantly, breathable. Another feature of the Bluffworks pants that I really like is the abundant pockets. The front pockets appear to be normal-sized pockets, but there is a hidden interior, zippered pocket where you can stash important things.

My entire wallet fits inside that zippered pocket, eliminating the fear of losing it to pick-pockets. There’s also a hidden loop on the inside of the front pocket where you can clip a badge or keys. The back pocket is deep and wide enough to fit a Kindle.

  • Uncompromising comfort and style
  • Quick-drying and wrinkle-resistant
  • 100% technical, breathable polyester
  • Zippered security pocket, hidden pocket, and security loop
  • Handcrafted in the U.S. (can be shipped worldwide)

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Mens Travel Blazers, Vest and Jackets

Bluffworks Men’s Travel Blazer

Nick sporting Bluffworks chino pants and blazer.
Nick sporting Bluffworks chino pants and blazer.

There are times when you need a blazer or jacket when you’re traveling, but packing an expensive wool blazer in a garment bag or carrying it over your arm for a long flight isn’t practical. That’s where the Bluffworks blazer comes in.

I found this fantastic blazer right about the time I was becoming fed up with having to pack a blazer that would inevitably be wrinkled upon arrival. Instead of resigning myself to this fact, I gave the Bluffworks blazer a try.

It was well worth it. Despite folding the blazer and packing it down in a packing cube with the rest of my clothes, it came out looking almost completely wrinkle free. I’ve even thrown the blazer in the washer and had it come out wrinkle free.

The Bluffworks blazer is not wool. It’s a quick-dry polyester fabric with a perforated back lining that’s made to be light and breathable. Plus, the sleeves aren’t lined, which also adds to the lightness of the fabric. The material is really smooth, soft to the touch, and nicely mimics the look of wool.

Inside the blazer you’ll find 10 pockets. Some of them are so well hidden that I almost couldn’t find them. It’s great for storing away important things that have no chance of being pick-pocketed.

The Bluffworks blazer currently comes in three different colors.

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Bluffworks Quilted Vest

Bluffworks vest
Bluffworks vest

For those times of year when it’s just not cold enough for a coat, but it’s not warm enough to go without a jacket, Bluffworks now has a vest. The vest is quilted, lightweight and easy to match with all the other pieces in the Bluffworks clothing line. In fact, in this picture Nick is wearing the vest, the travel shirt and the jeans from Bluffworks.

As with all Bluffworks travel clothing, the vest is 100% technical, breathable and wrinkle-free. It’s made of a quick-dry polyester that’s treated with a water-repellent finish. The material is very soft and pleasing to the touch.

Another regular feature on Bluffworks clothing is the abundant pockets and this vest has plenty. There are 7 pockets of varying size to hide valuables away. The zippers all have pull strings so you can operate them even if you’re wearing gloves.

It has a nice tapered design and if you’ve got the right fit, it’s snug and sleek. There are two colors currently available:  dark sapphire and olive green. The blue one is perfect for mix and matching with other Bluffworks clothing. It even goes well over the Gramercy Blazer for your commute to work.

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Arc’teryx Atom Hoodie

Arc'teryx Atom Hoodies

The Arc’teryx Atom Hoodie is one of the best lightweight travel jackets I’ve owned. It really lives up to its name in that it’s super light and can easily be stuffed into a backpack while traveling.

Just because it’s light doesn’t mean it’s not warm. It has a thin layer of internal insulation, topped with a super soft outer layer that is water resistant and protects against wind.

The hood is treated with a water repellent and it’s insulated, so you can trust it will hold up in all conditions. Really, it’s perfect for mild conditions where you just need a light layer to keep warm, but you don’t want to carry around a bulky fleece or jacket.

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The clothing you take on vacation needs to be lightweight and easy to mix and match, so you can get the most out of your luggage space.

We love these versatile and stylish travel clothes to form a wardrobe that can go anywhere with you.

Quick. Check these necessities off your prep list!

Be Prepared For Travel

Planning is the most important part of any successful trip. Do it the easy way:

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Wrinkle-free men's travel clothing
Wrinkle-free men’s travel clothing
Best Wrinkle-Free Travel Clothing for Men

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