Never Forget Where You Parked Again With ZUS

ZUS Charging Device
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ZUS car locator and device charger in one by Nonda
ZUS car locator and device charger in one by Nonda

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve forgotten where I parked my car in large lots. We’ve employed many different strategies for remembering, like taking a picture of the row and spot number in a garage, counting the lines of cars in a field parking lot, and taking note of nearby landmarks, but that has never prevented us from walking around aimlessly searching for our needle in a haystack.

Now we have a foolproof way to locate our car every time, without a single moment spent committing our location to memory. It’s called ZUS and it not only helps us locate our car, it also charges our phones at twice the speed of a normal charger.

Smart Car Locator – Find your car without effort!

We were recently given the opportunity to try the ZUS car locator and charger by Nonda, which came at a perfect time for us because we were just heading off on a road trip through the south west of England and we were hoping it would come in handy for those long hours on the road and unfamiliar parking situations. I was glad to see it has a sleek and light design that wouldn’t add any weight or bulk to our bags, so it was easy to take along.

All it took to get started was to download the ZUS app, turn on the phone’s Bluetooth, and plug the device into the power socket in the car. Within seconds, the ZUS had established our location. Upon turning off the car, ZUS sets your parking location and then guides you back to it later on with a compass and distance meter.

Aside from being able to accurately lead you back to your car’s location, the ZUS app also includes the ability to set a parking timer. On a few occasions, we paid for 2-hour street parking, then set the ZUS app to alert us when the time was running out, so we could get back to the car and avoid a parking ticket.

We’ve only had the device for a few weeks, so we haven’t yet had the opportunity to try it out in a massive parking lot, but we did use it a couple of times to find our way back to the car, even though we already knew our way back. It was surprisingly accurate every time, down to the very last foot. I have great confidence that it will work as intended when we do finally lose our car.

The feature of the ZUS that we used the most, and that I think is the most useful, is the ability to charge up to two devices at a time, and at twice the speed of a typical car charger. I can’t even tell you how many times that came in handy during our 6-day road trip in England.

Charging multiple devices with a ZUS
Charging multiple devices with a ZUS

We were using our phones constantly for navigation, to look up locations, and to take photos, so they were always running low. The ZUS helped us recharge both phones at the same time and relatively quickly. Of course, I didn’t put it to the test side-by-side with another charger to see if it really charged at double speed, but it did seem rather zippy.

The best test for me was charging the phone while also using it for navigating with Google Maps. With the navigator on, my phone usually drains pretty quickly, but while plugged in to the ZUS, it not only kept up, but overcame the power suck from using the navigation.

I do really like the ZUS and I will definitely continue to use it. The car locator feature to me is a nice extra benefit to having a fast and convenient car charger always available. The charger will get used frequently. Plus, as an extra bonus, you’d be able to locate your car if it were ever stolen!

You can check out the full product details on Nonda’s product page.  It’s not just me who likes it. The ZUS retails for $29.99 – a pretty good deal for such a handy device. Plus, buy now and get free shipping in the U.S.!

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(I was given a ZUS for review purposes. All opinions expressed in this review are my own genuine thoughts about this product. Note: this review also contains an affiliate link. You are never under any obligation to use that link if you wish to purchase this product, but we always appreciate your support.)

Never Forget Where You Parked Again With ZUS

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